SPROUT Content Value Points System

SPROUT Content is a fully agile Inbound Marketing agency.  To meet this criteria, we have invested in significant analysis of all input and results -  including inbound strategy, program management, creative and implementation - from our six years of working with B2B clients throughout the country. The end result is an agile system of deliverables based on value points that provides better clarity, accuracy and capacity planning for our clients.  

Deliverable Catalog and Point System

Every deliverable we offer is outlined in a Master Story Catalog that is continually updated and readily available for all of our clients. The catalog provides a transparent breakdown of each deliverable in terms of story points, which are simply a unit of measurement based on the amount of effort it takes the team to complete a deliverable.

For example, blog posts are 4 story points and eBooks are 22 story points, meaning eBooks require approximately 5x more team effort to complete.  The higher the story point allotment, the more tasks and time are involved to create the best performing content. Deliverables with less story points indicate the application of efficiencies from past experience to complete with less effort.

Benefits to Clients

With our value points system, you are never locked into a set of deliverables outlined in a contract that can quickly become outdated. Instead, every month, our inbound marketing managers review results from the prior month to:

  • Make sure the designated monthly allotment is used each month from each client’s contract.  
  • Ensure the most valuable inbound marketing tactics are put ahead of other deliverables.
  • Ensure that the appropriate amount of strategy and effort is put into reaching long-term goals.

Prior to working with a new client, we engage in a comprehensive goal analysis to determine what type of inbound marketing program would best meet company goals.  The programs are all customized depending on each client’s needs and timeframe, but designed with an agile approach in mind.  

Want to learn more about why we love working agile and how it helps our clients experience stronger results, faster?

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