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“Interesting content” is one of the top three reasons people follow brands on social media. - NewsCred

50% of marketers say tracking ROI is their biggest challenge with social media.

– B2B Marketing

Social media isn’t just another “tactic” in your marketing mix or something that should be delegated to an intern or whomever can squeeze it in. Social media is one of the most powerful tools that modern marketers have to engage in real-time dialogue with those that matter most: customers, prospects, the media, and industry thought leaders.

Social media initiatives must be aligned with your company’s overall business and marketing goals and mission. Each channel must have its own distinct strategy (even if that is not to participate in a certain channel at all) in order to meet specific objectives and deliver a consistent message.

Many B2B companies think they “have” to be on Facebook (which is usually not the case) and most significantly underutilize the power of LinkedIn for lead generation and content sharing. That’s why we:

  • start with an analysis of where you are currently in your existing channels
  • determine where you should be (or shouldn’t be)
  • create specific strategies for every channel.

Our team ensures that your content is seen and shared, your community grows and that you have a voice among the millions of active social media users daily.

We offer three levels of social media marketing engagement:

We will suggest a solution based on our evaluation of your needs and goals. We also understand those needs and goals may change over time, so we will evolve with your business.

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