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The fact that you’ve landed on this page answers one of your burning questions: Can an inbound marketing agency like SPROUT Content get SEO results for my B2B company?

Whether you’re here because you performed an organic Google search, clicked on an ad, found us in social or were referred by another site, proves that what we do works. And, we can do it for you.

We’re different than most firms who call themselves an “SEO agency.” We don’t just get you on the top of search results for a short time, we keep you there. Here’s how:

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Who are you?

Our discovery process helps us get to know your business like it was our own. We learn your differentiators, value proposition, market, products/solutions, sales/marketing challenges and goals, marketing activities/successes/failures, company challenges and goals.

Who are your target buyers?

First and foremost you must have a clear and researched target audience. This is why buyer persona development is important. Through SME (subject matter expert) interviews and industry research, we learn exactly who your ideal buyers are at every stage of the buying cycle, and understand their challenges and goals and even how they search for information.

Who are your competitors?

We perform an in-depth analysis to understand what your key competitors are doing in the digital world:

  • What is their traffic volume for each source?
  • What social channels are working?
  • Who links to them?
  • Do they use PPC?
  • For what keywords are they ranking?

We’ll uncover the best opportunities for your company to gain an online competitive advantage, whether that’s imitating successes or exploiting weaknesses.  

How healthy is your website?

More than 98% of your site’s visitors leave without performing an action (purchase, submit form, etc.) so even if they find your site, how will you convert these visitors and entice them to take the next step? Strategic SEO is about a lot more than being found. You have to have a plan of action for what visitors will do when they find you.

A website audit ensures that the content needs of your site, such as navigation, blog categories, and appropriate CTAs, are intact, so the content assets we help you create are set up for success. The goal is to give you the best chance to improve rankings, drive traffic and increase leads.

After all of that research and analysis, we then implement our recommendations. One tactic is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). CRO is about improving your website’s performance using data and feedback. We use tools to see how your visitors are interacting with your site and potentially why they are leaving.

What are the best opportunities for SEO Success?

We’ll take everything we’ve learned to develop an SEO strategy that sets you up for page #1 Search Engine results for the right opportunities. This includes buyer research, competitive intelligence, Google search results, and using powerful SEO research tools to dive into insights.

What we won’t do is make outrageous promises, like many “SEO agencies” about how this will magically happen right before your eyes. SEO done right (aka “white hat”) takes time. And, it takes continual effort to maintain.

Maintaining Site Rankings

Gone are the days when you could have just a well-optimized site and watch visitors stream in. Chances are good that your competitors are already doing this.

Getting found in search takes not only the right foundational strategic steps (see above), but it also takes a variety of tactics, beyond that initial optimization, that enables your potential buyers to find you.

Some tactical examples include:

  • Journalistic and optimized blog content (mapped to your SEO strategy and buyer’s journey)
  • LinkedIn thought leadership articles
  • Strategic social media engagement
  • Inbound marketing campaigns
  • Offsite content strategies

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