Sara Quigley

Inbound Marketing Manager

Sara credits her love for the story to her parents, avid readers who filled her Rhode Island childhood home with so many books that stacks of them were often piled from the floors to the windowsills. Her own content-clad journey began with annual elementary school writing contests. Unbeknownst to her at the time, like a participation award, every student’s piece was published in the annual paperback book. But the thrill of seeing her words published, bound and distributed filled Sara with an excitement and confidence like no other.

Sara’s love of writing led her to pursue a BA in Journalism while writing for Fairfield University’s student newspaper and passing time at the beach with her toes in the sand. A semester abroad in Europe secured the addition of “travel bug” to her resume. Immediately upon graduating, Sara moved to New York City, where a job with a public relations agency unearthed a new passion for business, as well as brand storytelling. She was hooked, and soon moved on to work with international content marketing agency Mediaplanet, eventually taking on the role of head of content and production for its North American division.

In 2014 Sara traded in the concrete jungle for the Rocky Mountains, moving to Denver, CO in pursuit of clean air and outdoor adventure. She is extremely excited to be a part of SPROUT Content’s team, and to continue learning from team members and clients alike. When her laptop is closed, Sara can be found outside hiking, skiing, on her yoga mat, drinking coffee, or dreaming about the beach.

Sara Quigley, Inbound Marketing Manager
Hubspot Inbound Certified, SPROUT Content
HubSpot Certified, SPROUT Content
HubSpot Content Marketing Certified, SPROUT Content


  • BA in Journalism from Fairfield University