Over the years, we’ve evolved and fine tuned our content & Agile inbound marketing process to deliver the best results for our clients. Here’s an overview of the different steps in our process.

The Process, SPROUT Content
Discover, SPROUT Content

This is the fun get-to-know you stage, and one of the most important parts of our process. Through a series of conversations, documents, interviews and research, we dive into your company goals, talk to your internal experts and chat with your actual customers to get to know your brand inside and out and make sure we nail your buyer personas. Depending on your needs, the discovery phase can include:

  • Website Audit (technical, content, SEO, site flow)
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Strategic Goal Setting (traffic, leads, customers, revenue)
  • Buyer Persona Research and Development
  • Keyword Research and Mapping
Plan, SPROUT Content

Next we create a plan of action to meet your goals and connect with your audience. We map out the strategy, resources and schedule required to deliver measurable results. Planning can include:

Create, SPROUT Content

This is where we get busy! Through a collaborative team process, we execute the plan to start engaging your audience, sharing your expertise and ultimately generating more leads. The Creation phase can include:

  • Conducting subject matter expert interviews
  • Developing performance content
  • Creating lead nurturing campaigns
Measure, SPROUT Content

Like mad marketing scientists, we review, monitor and measure all of your content and conversations. Since everything we do is mapped to clear goals, we ensure that all tactics and pieces are performing as they should. Measurement includes:

  • Evaluating Traffic & Analytics (blog views, engagement, site visits, keyword tracking, social media engagement, etc.)
  • Reviewing ROI (leads, conversions, sales)
  • Monthly Reporting and Weekly Wins
Improve, SPROUT Content

We know that what can be measured, can be improved. As your marketing partner, we continually leverage results and evolve your content marketing and inbound plan over time. Reviewing real data regularly allows us to recommend changes or enhancements to make sure your messaging resonates with target markets while keeping your content fresh and effective. What’s working now might not as much in six months, and that’s why we evaluate and evolve. It’s the only way to continually grow and keep delivering spectacular results.


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