Performance Content Criteria

All of the content we create must meet our strict Performance Content Criteria.  These are the attributes that set our content apart and the standards to which all content must be held. 

SPROUT Content Performance Content

In-House: Content developed by our in-house team delivers the best results. We don’t outsource, use services or agencies, and all of our content developers are part of your day-to-day team. You will be interviewed by them and know them by name.

Original: From our strategic plans to finished product, everything we do is original and custom to your business. There’s nothing cookie cutter or one size fits all about content and inbound marketing.

Strategic: Taking the time to work through the strategy phase produces the best content that reaches your audience at the stage they need it most. Content without strategy, is just more “stuff” for people to sift through.

Purposeful: Every piece of content we create has a purpose. It is mapped to goals, personas, keywords, resources, and a desired outcome.

Helpful: If content is not helpful, educational, enticing, memorable or sharable, it’s not doing its job. The goal of your content is to help your customers in some way, and effortlessly take your buyer through your sales funnel with delight.

Planned: From videos and infographics to ebooks and blog posts, every type of content must be planned as part of your editorial calendar and mapped to goals.

Actionable: We never leave your customers or prospects hanging. All content has a clearly defined “next step” in the form of a Call to Action to easily guide them on their journey.

Measureable: How great is your content if you don’t know what it is doing for your business? Our holistic approach to content delivers proven results, positive ROI and the high-level content that your fans are looking for.

What does Performance Content mean for you? More home runs, sold out seats and a waiting list for season tickets.

SPROUT Content's Performance Content Criteria

  • In-House
  • Original
  • Strategic
  • Purposeful
  • Helpful
  • Planned
  • Actionable
  • Measurable

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