Jennifer Lux

Inbound Marketing Manager

From a young age, Jennifer strived to make an impact. She spent her youth organizing efforts like neighborhood block parties and launching health and fitness publications on her college campus. Jennifer was marketing intuitively before she understood the formality of such a concept.

Her passion for positive impact expanded when Jennifer moved from St. Paul, Minnesota to Denver, Colorado to study Neuroscience in the late 90’s, with a desire to transform the future of health and healing. After graduating from college, Jennifer’s real-world experiences steered her in the direction of business interests, including brand development and strategic growth, applying her science research background to drive pivotal brand decisions based on data analysis.

With professional roots in business development, Jennifer’s natural transition into marketing occurred in scaling a local event marketing organization into an international one, and learning much along the way about leveraging digital resources to take organizations to the next level. Since that time, Jennifer has worked with businesses ranging from start-ups to enterprises, in many verticals, including marketing roles with agencies, in-house teams, and independently as a consultant, outlining strategic, measurable, and authentic efforts to support brand growth and impact. Her specialty is taking small and mid-sized organizations to the next level by leveraging brand promise and market position, using data as the backbone to drive strategy.

Jennifer heads west to the Colorado mountains whenever she has the chance, skiing, hiking, and exploring hot springs with her family. While the mountains are her residence, Jennifer’s favorite way to spend free time is sailing, and she calls the Caribbean her true home. Jennifer’s two daughters are her favorite wanderlust companions, and are a consistent source of inspiration in her life.

Hubspot Certified, SPROUT Content
Hubspot Inbound Certified, SPROUT Content


  • BS from Regis University