Janelle Zander

Content Marketing Manager

Growing up in eastern South Dakota - the land of Laura Ingalls Wilder - Janelle discovered her love for words and reading, wearing out her set of Little House on the Prairie books. (Of course, there was no place for the corresponding TV show as its departure from the books was abominable to the true fans of the Little House books.)

In keeping with her Little House roots, she followed Laura’s path and become a teacher, gaining a degree in elementary education. But within a few years, her appreciation for words took over and she moved into content marketing and management more than 15 years ago. She's managed diverse clients and projects through the years, becoming a true grammar nerd in her enjoyment of editing both print and digital content. Janelle’s move to SPROUT Content allows her to combine all of these to manage high quality content based on each client’s needs.

A bit of a modern-day hippie, Janelle is drawn to the classic bohemian lifestyle of travel, music and literature. She recently traveled with her family on a 9-month coast-to-coast road-trip through the USA in a renovated ’76 GMC RV. Janelle now lives just outside of Boulder with her husband, three kids, dog and cat. She grew up gardening and canning and now gardens organically, enjoying garden-to-table cooking.

Janelle Zander, Content Marketing Manager
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  • BS in Elementary Education from Oral Roberts University