In 2015, SPROUT Content was honored to win the HubSpot Impact Award for Happiest HubSpot Clients at the annual INBOUND conference. Our inbound marketing agency is one of about 2,500 HubSpot agency partners across the globe. This award showcases our team's commitment and ability to using inbound marketing as a means to achieve growth goals for their clients.


There was nothing we could do to win the award than to keep doing what we do well for our clients. There were no votes, campaigns or surveys. It was all based on data and facts.

HubSpot uses CHI (a play on the Chinese word 气, which means life force), or Customer Happy Index, to measure customer usage of all of the HubSpot tools. This algorithm measures the likeliness of long-term success when applying the inbound marketing methodology and tactics to reach company growth goals.

CHI basically measures how well HubSpot customers (and our clients which we manage in HubSpot) are practicing inbound marketing. Companies with high CHI scores acquire high website traffic and generate significant leads each month. They are also likely blogging regularly, creating successful lead generation campaigns, running effective email campaigns and engaging actively in social media.

CHI also takes into account new business being brought in by agency partners, like us, to HubSpot, as well as customers that may have been lost.

SPROUT Content explains CHI 

SPROUT Content, HubSpot Happiest Clients Award Winner 2015SPROUT Content - An Inbound Marketing Agency


"When the results were released, it was no surprise that SPROUT Content came out on top for "Happiest Clients,” said Melissa Abreu, Senior Channel Consultant at HubSpot. “This award is indicative of all of the hard work and tireless support that SPROUT provides each one of their clients."