Find out what it would be like to work with SPROUT Content as your inbound marketing agency partner. Here are answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you outsource your content to freelancers or other content creation services?

No. All of our writers are based in-house. We’ve found through trial and error that having our own writers provides our clients the biggest value and the best results. And because of this, our writers are a transparent part of the team and develop relationships with our clients (i.e. having a deep understanding of their business, interviewing their SMEs directly) that in the end, consistently delivers results


How can you possibly write for my industry? It’s technical and complex.

  1. We have writers with technical backgrounds.
  2. Our discovery and research phase, which includes in-depth interviews with subject matter experts—both internal and external (your customers)—ensures that we understand your business inside out.
  3. We are analyzing your industry, your buyers and their behavior, and how visitors are interacting with your site. This research and strategy phase lasts from 4-6 weeks with original content creation only commencing once everyone's comfortable with the topic.


What types of businesses do you work with?

Our typical client is in what we consider to be an “unglamorous industry”, B2B companies selling technical products or services, those in heavily regulated industries, manufacturers, and professional services. These types of businesses typically have longer sales cycles, as their prospects often perform in-depth research before making a buying decision.


What kind of ROI can I expect from working with you? 

This varies from client to client depending on their goals. For example, some clients want to build brand recognition and thought leadership, while others put more value on generating leads and sales.


How quickly will I see results?

This depends on your industry, your business, your sales cycle and a number of other factors.

Big picture: remember to think of inbound marketing as a marathon and not a sprint because it relies on organic interest—producing highly relevant content that attracts both your prospects and the search engines. This takes time to build momentum. Every circumstance and starting point is different, but think of the first six months to a year as the foundation and year two as the real results. Our case studies will you give an idea of what is possible.  


Can you just create content without all the other inbound marketing deliverables?

Yes, but there are requirements. We have clients who only need help creating regular content such as blog posts and e-books. These companies already have the foundations for inbound/content marketing (i.e. editorial strategy, keyword strategy, tracking and measurement) in place already, and they just need help with their strategy execution. That said, we do have a minimum monthly retainer for clients in need of premium content only.


Do I have to use the HubSpot platform in order to work with you?

No. There are a lot of other effective marketing platforms out there. HubSpot is what helped grow our business, and it’s what we’ve been successful with. It’s also what the majority of our clients use because it’s an “all-in-one” system, making implementing, managing and growing an inbound marketing program more powerful.


What if I’m not ready to jump in to a big, yearly contract?

That’s fine. In fact, we recommend that businesses start by laying the groundwork with some essential strategy. We offer a Marketing Performance Review where we will define your goals, research your competition, define your buyer personas, conduct SEO research, and examine the technical aspects of your site—and based on all this, develop a comprehensive, strategic inbound marketing game plan. 

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