Casey Hudson

Inbound Marketing Strategist

Casey's journey into marketing strategy was guided by years of seemingly varied interests. Her unwavering fascination with analysis and human behavior led her to take an educational deep-dive into both mathematics and sociology. But her passion for the written word is what quickly filled her bookcases and earned her a BA in English.

Casey's passion also allowed her to expand her cultural horizons while pursuing a post-baccalaureate certificate in publishing. Though she has lived in six US states, it wasn't until she attended Ryerson University that she was able to cross "lived in another country" off her to-do list. She admits that Canada is not the most exotic country to live in, but she will always have a special place in her heart for one of the world's most multicultural cities, Toronto.

Since her move to the Mile-High City in 2012, Casey has focused her passion and interests on the marketing discipline. She has done everything from content creation, editing, and management to publishing company consultation and marketing. No matter her role, though, her naturally inquisitive nature always finds her asking "why."

Not necessarily "why" in business, but "why" small things sometimes have a profound emotional and social impact. It's through this "why" that she sees the world. She is happy to have found a home at SPROUT Content that speaks to her innate curiosity.

Casey Hudson, Inbound Marketing Strategist
HubSpot Certified, SPROUT Content
Hubspot Inbound Certified, SPROUT Content


  • BA in English from University
    of Minnesota