Inbound Marketing Ties Blogging to the Bottom Line

As a leader of innovative paper solutions, Oren International works with distributors and end users SPROUT Content helped Oren International achieve $250,000 in sales!from around the globe to fill custom paper needs. Oren specializes in finding paper solutions from specific paper products with exact specs to printed kraft paper with branded logos. They help bring product visions to life.  Since 2012, SPROUT Content has worked with their team to boost their online presence, bringing in more leads and sales. 

How 6 Blog Posts and a Landing Page Brought in Over $250k

Pink Butcher Paper is well known in the food service industry, especially amongst barbeque enthusiasts. So, when a shortage of the paper appeared in the market, we saw a great opportunity to leverage content marketing for our client, a paper manufacturer who had a large supply of pink butcher paper available.  

The shortage did not make headlines in the news, but through talking with our client and knowing their personas, we knew people were looking for the product. Efforts began by developing blog posts around the topic. The blog posts were not a hard push about selling pink butcher paper, but instead informative and interesting topics like:

  • There is No Substitute for Pink Butcher Paper
  • Cooking with Pink Butcher Paper
  • Spice up Summer Parties with Pink Butcher Paper
  • 4 Ways Pink Butcher Paper Could Help you Win Top Chef
  • Why is Pink Butcher Paper the Best Choice for Barbecue
  • That’s a Sweet Piece of Meat: Why Perfect Brisket Starts with Pink Butcher Paper

Each blog post also had a CTA that connected to one of the following:

  • Top of the funnel landing page to generate leads
  • Middle of the Funnel web page explaining specifics on what to expect and how to order pink butcher paper from this paper manufacturer
  • Bottom of the Funnel Amazon page to make a purchase

Each blog was distributed regularly in social media (specifically Twitter and LinkedIn) and over time, they started to gain traction and began to show up on the top of search results for a variety of keywords related to Pink Butcher Paper.  

In fact, the company now ranks on page 1 of search results for more than 15 search terms just related to pink butcher paper (see below), heightening visibility for the product and the company. The actual blog posts brought in more than 7,300 views with an average click through rate of 3.2%.  

Page 1 Rankings for Keyword Phrases with ‘pink butcher paper’:


As keyword rankings began to improve, traffic to the web page and landing page ramped up as well.  The web page has nearly 8,000 views from organic alone with a conversion rate of 4.98%.  The only page with a higher conversion rate on the website is the landing page for Pink Butcher Paper, which has a conversion rate of 27.84%.  It had 68 submissions and brought in 14 new contacts solely on the eBook offer.  In addition, these contacts are now in a more general lead nurturing database and will likely convert on other products now that they’ve connected with the manufacturer.  


But the real results are tied to the bottom line.  This chart shows the ramp up in sales of Pink Butcher Paper since the content initiative began, bringing in more than $250k on this product alone.  



The Secret to Success

  • Timing was definitely on their side as we were able to quickly capitalize on a product shortage.
  • Pay attention to industry news to know what a target marketing is looking for and develop interesting content offers that connect with their needs.
  • Think out of the comfort zone of “keywords with the most search volume.”  It’s better to get on the first page for a very targeted phrase specific to your offers and convert than obsess over phrases with large volume that might never bring in a lead or sale.
  • Make sure all of your CTAs are trackable and think beyond your website when considering conversions.  
  • With the right tracking tools, you can connect sales directly to content marketing efforts by showing a path between people who visit your site and turn into customers.

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