How Inbound Content Marketing Generates Leads


As a leader of innovative paper solutions, Oren International works with distributors and end users from around the globe to fill custom paper needs. Oren specializes in finding paper solutions from specific paper products with exact specs to printed kraft paper with branded logos. They help bring product visions to life.

Oren was founded in 1996 by paper industry veteran Alan NeSmith, is headquartered in Pensacola, Florida. Oren International is SPROUT Content's longest standing client.


While this paper-converting company prides itself on its innovation, it had an outdated website that communicate its full scope of products and services. More importantly, the website did not reflect what the company is passionate about - creating custom paper products and solving business challenges in new ways. Their website content didn't tell the story of a fun, creative group with capabilities to serve distributors worldwide. Because the messaging was not clear, the few leads that did come in from the website were not high quality and the marketing director struggled to prove the value of using their website as a marketing tool.

Sprout Content Strategies

  • Updated their online presence with fresh content and a newly designed website. 
  • Chose the appropriate lead generation platform to accurately measure results (i.e. visitors, engagement, leads and conversions).
  • Developed a blog to highlight company expertise, share thought leadership and icrease quality search results. 
  • Established a social media presence to spark ongoing conversation with customers and prospects.
  • Connected to prospects and stayed top of mind with current clients through a new e-newsletter.
  • Created a content marketing plan with lead generating opportunities (free downloads, engaging blog posts, strategic calls to action) for specific target audiences.


  • 32% conversion rate on first e-book download.
  • Drove over 2,500 people to the new website in the first three months. 
  • 83% increase in leads within the first six months of launching the new website.
  • Increased business from new website. New company image generated interest from current customers and attracted the attention of prospects. One client told them they spent over an hour on their website alone.
  • Garnered media attention for new products. A popular blog post introducing a new product, camouflage freezer paper, led to additional blog posts to keep the audience engaged. The SPROUT Content team saw the need for additional website content on this subject matter. Continued interest led to the creation and distribution of a press release which resulted in media attention for Oren's new product.

“We’ve been working with SPROUT Content for almost four years now, and I can say it’s the best marketing investment we’ve ever made. Our search rankings went from nearly invisible to page one for more than 100 keyword phrases. We are also are now seen as true thought leaders in our field by customers and industry peers due to the quality and strategic content they create. Our VP of sales even uses our website and all our great content as a sales tool during presentations. We get dozens of qualified lead from our website each month and they have proven our investment in them year after year. Not only are our results fantastic, but they have become our true partners and have the best interest of our business in mind." - Lori NeSmith, Comptroller

Oren Increased Business

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