How A Blog Strategy Improves Website Stats

cPrime is a leading provider of Agile project management solutions for training, staffing, and full service implementatins. They provide online and on-site training programs for all things Agile via their website and over 70 consultants in the field nationwide.

cPrime began as a source for project management staffing augmentation, and staffing still comprises a large portion of the business. But in recent years, with the project management industry growing and evolving dramatically and the deeper focus on agile tools and transformations, both the training and staffing aspects of cPrime's offerings have undergone a lot of fluctuation.


While their long-standing leading role in the Agile niche resulted in significant web traffic, they were concerned that their full story, expertise, and range of services were not being adequately reflected on the site or in search. In addition, they had always concentrated on building and maintaining a thought leadership role via webinars, but felt their role was not as prominent as it could be with the addition of more fresh content going out regularly over multiple channels.

Having successfully transitioned from a staffing agency to a training agency that offered staff augmentation, cPrime was struggling with maintaining relevancy for the staffing side. At the same time, their strategic growth goals for the upcoming year involved promoting their coaching services which would put a trained Agile coach into a client's company to oversee long term transitions. Both issues required new and engaging messaging that needed to be maintained on “owned assets”, like the company blog and social media profiles, to have maximum impact.

Sprout Content Strategies

  • Conducted a thorough website and content audit that identified areas where the current site content was not really telling the company's story well enough. It also identified some mechanical issues with the site including a lack of sharing options, incomplete category taxonomy, and inconsistent formatting.
  • Developed Detailed Customer Personas to identify cPrime's primary audience and narrow down what messages would appeal most to them.
  • Initiated an aggressive blogging schedule combined with steady distribution of content across the three social media platforms most suited to cPrime's audience Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The schedule included blog posts twice per week, many of which focused on breaking down complex subject matter into simple and engaging articles.


  • 9,000% increase in pageviews: Just six months into the relationship with SPROUT Content, cPrime noted the number of unique pageviews generated by the blog increased to over 1400 per day on average, as opposed to 15 per day previously, showing the dramatic increase in traffic the blogging campaign was generating.
  • Visitors stay nearly five times as long: During that same six month period, average time on page jumped from 0:23 to 1:50, showing that visitors were actually engaging with the content, a sure sign of its quality.
  • Bounce rate plummets: Whereas 88% of visitors were leaving the site after visiting just one page previously, after six months the bounce rate had dropped to less than 40% for the blog, proving visitors are interested in learning more.

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“Our blog was attracting very little traffic, (15 unique pageviews per day on average) very low time-on-page, (around 23 seconds) and a very high bounce rate (around 88%) in the month preceding our meeting with SPROUT Content which wasn't helping move us toward our goals," says Monte Montoya, VP of Marketing and Sales for cPrime.”


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