Why Performance Content is The Only Content You Should Be Creating

Molly Bruno

Written by Molly Bruno on Wed, Nov 04, 2015

Performance Content We hear so much (maybe too much) about the importance of content creation in inbound marketing today. With brand awareness the goal of 84% of B2B marketers, there’s no shortage of content being created to attract more visitors and gain more customers. As the cornerstone of inbound marketing, B2B companies understand that they need to produce content, but that’s often the only takeaway.

Without an answer to the “why” or any real meaning established, many businesses are firing off sporadic blog posts, tweets or emails, with hopes that they’re practicing effective inbound marketing.

Creating content shouldn’t just be a task that needs checking off. Rather, this should be one of the most valuable, dynamic, and creative initiatives your business takes to reach your audience and convert leads. Is your blog or website content up to the challenge?

Here are some ways to take it up a level and create true performance-driven content.

What is performance content?

Like entering a race without a finish line, writing content for content’s sake just won’t cut it to create valuable results. We like to think of performance content like a marathon, designed strategically with a goal that centers around creating engaging content consistently. Here are some reasons performance content is the only content you should be producing:

It’s a precision sport

Think about golf for a moment. There is so much focus and attention given to the game, you can hear a pin drop. You should approach your content strategy with the same thoughtfulness (while still having fun). Like noted above, the key to performance content is having a precise purpose and goal in place first. Consider:

  • Who is your audience? Are you speaking to them?
  • What is the goal of your content? (Brand awareness, becoming a thought leader, attracting visitors, converting leads?)
  • Are you helping prospects solve a problem or making their job easier? What value are you adding?

Once you have your strategy in place, tee it up, and enjoy!

Don’t jump the gun

Any runner knows the importance of endurance. Just like long-distance running, creating quality content involves time and it can’t be done in a sprint. It takes planning, timing and purpose to keep content going and producing results.

Sure, you could throw together some blog posts without a strategy behind them, but you could be gravely missing the mark when it comes to producing results. Performance content will ultimately require an array of steps not possible with a “sprint” mindset including:

  • A content plan tied to a well-established goal
  • Proper SEO put in place
  • Distribution strategy
  • Engaging and original images/visuals
  • Monitoring results and adapting content based on metrics 

Make sure you’re on your “A” game, and create content that truly delivers.

Stay strong for next season

Nobody wants their star athlete to get burned out. And with content one of your main players in inbound marketing, it’s important to constantly check in with your strategy and ensure you’re on track for long-term success. If you notice you’re getting tired of the content you produce, there’s a good chance your audience is too. Is it time to re-evaluate your process?

At SPROUT Content, working with businesses in traditionally unglamorous industries is our specialty, and developing premium content to take you through each season is something we love to do. Keep content your MVP and in the game with these tips:

  • Keep it interesting (try a new content format, incorporate different types of media, add visuals, incorporate quotes from interviews, create a quiz or survey).
  • Make sure all content is ultimately tying back to a preset goal to stay on track.
  • Make it unique to you - show off your business’s strengths.
  • Give visitors a next step through call-to-action options. Let your content be a tool to naturally bring people through the buyer’s journey.

Are you creating content that’s built to perform for you? Find out if your content is measuring up to our criteria in this Performance Content checklist.

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