When to Outsource Inbound Marketing

Justin Lambert

Written by Justin Lambert on Wed, Apr 15, 2015

InHousevsOutsourceIf your company has an inbound marketing program, congratulations! You’re already several steps ahead of most of your competition. If you’re handling it all internally, again, congratulations! That’s not easy.

Now, the big question: is your inbound marketing plan working?

Chew on that for a few moments.

Are you seeing…

Have you noticed…

If not, that’s ok. Just the fact that you have an inbound marketing plan is fantastic. But if you’re not seeing the kind of spectacular results other companies are experiencing, it may be because you’ve taken on the inbound marketing workload yourself.

Or, you may have been able to maintain the strategy for a while but you’ve just gotten to a tipping point where the leads and customers you’re bringing in have absorbed the time you used to spend on inbound. You don’t want the stream to stop, but there are only 24 hours in a day.

Or maybe, like so many other companies, you’ve never managed to start an inbound marketing plan because you know how tough it’s going to be.

Why handling inbound marketing internally gets difficult

Frankly, maintaining an effective inbound marketing program that includes both the quality and quantity of content and conversation necessary to see results is hard work.

It’s time consuming, if you’re doing it right. You need to invest time into ideation, research, writing, design, optimization, publishing, distribution, and social sharing… and that’s just for one short blog post. To keep the program moving, you need to publish at least one blog post a week. Preferably two.

In addition, there are ebooks for lead generation and nurturing, white papers to improve thought leadership, optimized web content to improve the usefulness of your site, videos for the visual learners in your audience, and literally hundreds of other options that may be effective for your unique circumstances.

And it never stops.

Because of the constantly evolving nature of the Internet, no matter how fantastic your content is, it’s here today and gone tomorrow in a lot of respects. Quality content can continue bringing in traffic and leads for months or even years, but it’s very rare for one piece of content to stay just as relevant and effective as it was at publication after even a month has passed by.

That’s why so many businesses struggle with even starting, much less maintaining, an effective inbound marketing plan. It’s a huge commitment of time, money, and other resources, and it’s often more work than anyone imagined when they got into it.

Why that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from inbound marketing

Unfortunately, some companies give it a try, run into the challenges described above, and take that as a sign that inbound marketing just isn’t for them.

The fact is, though, inbound marketing can work for virtually any business: B2B, B2C, products or services, no matter the industry or the audience. In one way or another, an effective inbound marketing plan can increase sales.

But that doesn’t mean that every company has the talent and resources available to implement that plan effectively in-house. In those cases, the best option is and always will be to outsource your inbound marketing program.

The benefits of outsourcing inbound marketing

If you outsource some or all of your inbound marketing program, you’ll profit from:

  • Experts who know inbound marketing inside and out applying their knowledge to your specific needs.
  • Trained and experienced writers who know how to effectively communicate your brand’s story across multiple channels.
  • Inbound marketing experts who can use technology to its fullest extent to get the right message to the right people at the right time, consistently.
  • A team of hard working professionals who can and will concentrate on keeping your inbound marketing strategy running at full speed while you and your team focus on doing the work that makes you money.

That means you and your internal resources can continue to do what you do best, while a consistent stream of high quality content is created and distributed strategically to draw in qualified leads and nurture existing customers without you having to worry about it at all.

Judging from some of the comments our clients have made, that’s a great feeling.

If you think your company could benefit from outsourcing your inbound marketing, we encourage you to download our free guide, The Ultimate Guide to Hiring an Inbound Agency and learn more about this excellent option.

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