What it means to be a Platinum Level HubSpot Agency Partner

Debbie Williams

Written by Debbie Williams on Thu, Aug 25, 2016

We recently earned the honor of making it to the Platinum level as a HubSpot agency partner, which puts us in the top 3% of partners in the world. This was a goal for us as an inbound marketing agency this year, after reaching the Gold tier just last August.  

But first, things first. For those that are new to the world of inbound marketing and content marketing: What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is the most effective sales and marketing platform we have found that helps B2B companies of all sizes attract more qualified leads through informative content and close more customers.

Founded in 2008, and now listed on the NASDAQ, HubSpot is a marketing automation and sales software company, headquartered in Boston, MA. As of this writing, the company has 17,000 customers and more than 3,000 agencies in its partner network worldwide. Being a HubSpot partner means not only are you dedicated to inbound marketing best practices, but have become a proven expert in the HubSpot platform.  

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HubSpot has a comprehensive training and certification process. To become a partner, a company must maintain high level certifications, which have to be renewed annually. That means, we’re always on top of the latest tools, technologies and best practices in inbound marketing and can fully utilize all of the robust features of the HubSpot marketing platform, which are continually evolving.

What do the HubSpot Partner Tiers mean?

There are five levels that HubSpot partners fall into: New Partner, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.  You can move up through the ranks based on your certifications, number of clients you manage successfully in the HubSpot portal, level of inbound marketing activity for each, and client results.  

Silver partners manage an average of 3-5 clients in the HubSpot portal, while Platinum partners average 18-40.  As of this post there are only 11 Diamond partners and 68 Platinum partners worldwide, out of more than 3,000 companies in the partner program.

“From reaching Gold to Platinum status in just a year, to winning our Happiest Clients Award, the Team at SPROUT Content exemplifies what a top tier agency partner looks like.  Their expertise in inbound marketing is evident, but their agile marketing approach and high-level in-house content development puts them in a category all their own." -Dan Vivian, HubSpot - Senior Partner Account Executive

The growth of inbound marketing as an industry is just taking off.  Many businesses are still just understanding the principles of inbound marketing and the dramatic impact it can have on their business.  Working with an agency partner of a high caliber can make your transition to inbound that much easier and more efficient, and deliver results even faster than training your in-house team.  The HubSpot is a platform that is continually evolving and can take a lot of energy and dedicated resources to keep up with and master.The growth of inbound marketing

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Being experts in inbound marketing and the HubSpot tool is a huge value that we bring to our clients, and we love helping our client partners experience the proven results that it delivers.

We’re thrilled and proud to have met this milestone, and even more excited about the opportunity to help even more businesses grow through inbound marketing.

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