Top Takeaways from Social Media Day Denver 2017

Sara Quigley

Written by Sara Quigley on Tue, Jul 25, 2017

A few members of Sprout Content’s team had the pleasure of attending the second annual Social Media Day Denver event last month. Mashable launched Social Media Day in 2010 as a way to recognize and celebrate social media’s impact on global communication. Since then, great minds of marketing and communications in major cities across the world have gathered on June 30th annually to discuss the power of social media and its ever-changing landscape of opportunity. With Denver’s marketing community continuing to grow exponentially in recent years, Erin Cell of Socially Powered, recognized the need for Denver’s community to have an opportunity to share in the discussion. Thus, last year, she launched the first ever Social Media Day Denver event.

This year’s event, held at Denver’s Field House event space iconically overlooking Sports Authority Field at Mile High, featured an array of local and international speakers. What the majority of the speakers had in common was their entrepreneurial spirit; where they differed was in the areas they channeled that entrepreneurial spirit. The audience heard from a chocolatier and Snapchat enthusiast, a YouTube specialist, a Shorty Award nominated chef, the world record holder for longest recorded handshake, a marriage counselor, and many more. While each of these speakers have vastly different professions, two common themes were heard again and again when they described ways in which they’ve found success: video and authenticity.


Long gone are the days when video took a whole production team, cast, crew, and weeks before final cuts could be viewed. Today, as many of us have probably already experimented with if not already using as a regular practice know, raw, unedited, live videos are what sell. And the best part is, they cost little to nothing to create!

Many of Social Media Day Denver’s speakers have experienced a spike in brand awareness, sales and ROI through live video initiatives. The most used applications seem to be Facebook Live, Snapchat, and Periscope. People like Leslie Nance, creator and host of Go2Kitchens, publishes a live weekly cooking show on Periscope, through which she interacts directly with audience members. In cases like Leslie’s, periscope makes it possible to reach a limitless audience, without having to spend money on travel, event space rentals, or video editing equipment. Unlike infomercials of years gone by, with live videos, not only can a business owner promote a product and showcase expertise, they can also interact with audience members and potential clients in real time. Through her weekly show, Leslie lends potential clients insight to her expertise and personality, which makes working with her through her paid offerings more natural and intriguing.

Speaker “Chocolate Johnny” takes a different route with his videos, utilizing the power of Snapchat to build his brand recognition, draw in new customers, and delight existing customers. Chocolate Johnny’s Snapchat handle is prominently placed in his storefront window, and customers are encouraged to share Snaps of their purchases. He has become known for the silly antics he shares on Snapchat, and is often recognized on the street. One tactic that has garnered a lot of success in terms of getting foot traffic into his store, is utilizing Snapchat’s geofences. With geofences, Chocolate Johnny is able to extend offers to followers within a targeted physical location, intriguing them to stop by his shop. Once in his shop, it is easy to intrigue customers to make additional purchases or interact with his brand, creating brand advocates.


One challenge that live video presents is that, well, it’s live. Meaning bloopers are no longer just for blooper reels. The top tip from Social Media Day Denver speakers is to simply embrace it. In fact, most of these entrepreneurs find that mistakes made on camera add to a video’s value because it adds a level of authenticity. This is especially true if in your business your clients work directly with you. Authentic live videos provide an opportunity to show your personality, and what it’s like to work with you.

If Leslie Nance of Go2Kitchens drops a knife or burns an oven mit during a live video, does that make viewers lose trust in her cooking skills and tune out? Not in today’s world. In this day and age, Leslie’s authenticity is gold! It humanizes her and makes her approach to cooking approachable for her clients. It actually makes her appear more trustworthy. Leslie is a true example of embracing authenticity. She told the audience — through tears — that she cries at almost every live speaking event she goes to. Again, this is gold! Leslie’s passion for her work and her clients resonates so powerfully, it moves her to tears. Why would anyone want to leave that on the editing floor?

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