The Most Comprehensive Content Marketing Infographic You've Ever Seen

Justin Lambert

Written by Justin Lambert on Wed, Sep 30, 2015

The Most Comprehensive Content Marketing Infographic You've Ever SeenContent marketing – and, really, the entire concept of inbound marketing – has been around for a while now. Every marketer has heard of it, and most have at least dipped their toes in the water a little bit. But there are still some folks out there who are hesitant to go all in.

It’s okay. I understand. After all, “the grass is always greener…” You might be concerned that the tactics that make up an inbound marketing strategy are changing too fast, content marketing is just a really, really long standing fad, or that it’s just the shiny new toy in the marketing world but there’s no real science or metrics behind it.

So, you’re still on the fence, with your old, faithful outbound marketing methods on one side, and the new, admittedly greener-looking, inbound marketing strategy on the other.

Well, here’s an infographic so packed with statistical goodness, you can use it to convince anyone to give inbound marketing a try… even yourself!

Content Marketing Stats Infographic

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