Is Inbound Marketing Right for Your Business?

Molly Bruno

Written by Molly Bruno on Wed, Dec 10, 2014

Is_Inbound_Marketing_Right_for_YourBy now, more than just those in the marketing industry recognize the term “inbound marketing”. Developing and sharing strategic and interesting content that draws in new leads to your website is the core of this strategy. To take it a step further, inbound marketing means determining the need for certain information and then providing that information to your audience through different platforms such as blog posts, guides, social media content, or videos. When it comes to your business, is inbound marketing the right fit?

Who does inbound marketing benefit?

With the potential for success from inbound marketing, the assumption is that it’s right for every business. In some ways, that’s true. While creating and sharing more informative, engaging content is always a plus for your business, the impact of inbound depends on your industry and product or service.

Inbound marketing is centered on content, so the more content there is to develop about your business, the better. Because of this, technical or “unglamorous” industries have a great opportunity to provide helpful information about traditionally challenging topics. Whether you work at a technology firm or a manufacturing company, there are many ways to share information with your audience.

The bottom line: an inbound marketing plan is right for businesses that often receive a lot of questions about their products or services before gaining a customer. In fact, FAQs can inspire some of the best content.

Deciding on inbound for your business

Do you know what a paper converter does? Don’t worry, we didn’t either at first. Our client, Oren International, is a paper converting company that needed to increase leads to their website and attract more customers online. Though the topic of custom butcher paper might not sound exciting, this is the exact information their audience wanted to know more about.

Now, with a strong strategy and over 100 blog posts, a consistent social media presence and relevant website content, Oren International is seen as a leader in their industry and a go-to resource for all thing paper converting. Ultimately, deciding on inbound means deciding to develop strategic, helpful content for your audience, making your business their top choice.

Rather than pushing a sale, why not attract customers and lead them to content that they truly want to learn about? Ready to find out more about working with an inbound marketing agency? Contact us, we'd love to chat with you.

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