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Andrea Miller

Written by Andrea Miller on Thu, Oct 15, 2015

As an inbound marketing agency, we talk a lot about websites with our clients. We understand that inbound marketing doesn't work well on an outdated websites so we are constantly fighting for website updates. There's no question fresh content, updated design and improved user experience are all positive results of a website redesign. But those benefits must be enough to overcome the inevitable lack of budget, time and resources most clients face.

New_WebsiteIf we have a client who is considering a website redesign to better align with their inbound marketing goals, we have them take a look at their current site and answer these questions:

  • Is the layout optimal for what you want users to accomplish on the page?
  • Are your users seeing the content you want them to see?
  • Are your users finding what they're looking for on the page?
  • Are your calls to action motivating or visible enough?
  • What links are users clicking?
  • Are you naturally taking each of your buyer personas naturally on a journey through your sales funnel and helping them with useful content? 

We recently posed those questions to ourselves. Turns out, it was time for a redesign for SPROUT Content!


Here's why we decided to redesign:

  • Our design was a bit outdated, at just three years old. If you look at other industry websites, the look and feel of our old site just wasn't measuring up. Today's website trends include long scrolling sites, mobile responsiveness, large visual headers, parallax and flat designs. We were already mobile responsive thanks to HubSpot, but we needed to include more images and design elements in our site. We definitely wanted elements of flat design into our site, which is a minimalist approach to design. It still provides the feeling of layers and depth but is simple so that it works well across multiple devices. We also knew to avoid the trend of long scrolling, where all of the site's content resides on one long page. This can negatively affect your site's SEO because you will have fewer pages to be indexed.
  • Our messaging was no longer clear. Since our last redesign, we have worked hard to establish ourselves as an inbound marketing agency specializing in performance content for "unglamorous industries". That positioning wasn't represented on our old site, despite our amazing list of B2B clients that fall into this niche.
  • Our vast resources weren't being showcased. Our staff has worked really hard to create a comprehensive content marketing library of resources for business owners and marketers. But all of our informative downloads were hard to find on the old site. This problem was solved with an easy-to-access Resources section.
  • Our blog was getting lost in the shuffle. Again, we put a lot of time and effort into the SPROUT Content blog, but you didn't necessarily get that from the old layout.

With the new layout, it's easier to search and find what you are looking for. Plus, the blog is now featured on the home page in a prominent spot, not lost below the fold like on the old home page.


Now that you know what inspired us, let's take a look at the top three obstacles to website redesign and how you can overcome them.

Redesign Concern: Time

You may be weary of redesigning your website because you think it will take a lot of time. But usually, it doesn't take as much time as you think. Our project took just over 6 months, which is pretty typical. In a survey of marketers by HubSpot, 71% said their website redesign took 6 months or less.


Redesign Concern: Budget

Cost is always a concern, but 75% of survey respondants say 10% or less of a marketing budget needs to be allocated for a website redesign. This was definitely in line with our goals for our own project.


Redesign Concern: Resources

If you are overwhelmed just thinking where to start on a redesign project, consider outsourcing it. You won't be alone. 50% of businesses surveyed hired an external resource to help with their website redesign. We did the same with our friends (and Denver neighbors) at Revenue River, who specialize in custom design projects on the HubSpot COS. We love the result, and we hope you do too. Reach out and let us know what you think about the new!

Thinking of embarking on a website redesign project? We survived it and so can you. Download our free guide for a list of 25 must-haves you can't afford to overlook.

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