Inbound Marketing and Sales Go Together Like These Pairs

Chris Hawkins

Written by Chris Hawkins on Wed, Aug 12, 2015

Sales: I didn’t know there was an email promotion involving the new servers. When did that start?
Marketing: We’re not sure what sales does with those new e-book leads once they’re fed to Salesforce.
Talk to enough marketing and sales people and you realize how disconnected they are from each other. Unless you’re in a really small organization, you’re probably often on different planets. That’s not surprising especially with the rapid adoption of inbound marketing from small shops to enterprises.
In theory, the technology used for inbound should be bringing sales and marketing closer, but that’s rarely the case in practice. We all have more on our plates. More to learn and more to do with less resources. As a result, we’re in our own worlds.
But these two departments should be conjoined if not like Siamese twins, then at least like a great twosome—feeding off each other, sharing playbooks, and at the very least, meeting on a regular basis.
If your business is practicing inbound marketing, you can’t afford not to have sales and marketing aligned because they are too intertwined. If you’re not sure how to pair your marketing gin with the juice of sales, you could do worse than learning from history’s greatest duos both real and fictional.

My HubSpot article, “8 Historic Duos to Inspire Your Sales and Marketing Alignment,” looks at what made these famous pairs work—whether solving the case or sharing the stage—and what sales and marketing can learn from them.

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