How Your Data’s Personality Can Prove Content Marketing ROI

Dechay Watts

Written by Dechay Watts on Fri, Dec 12, 2014

How many times have you received a monthly stats report that made your eyes glaze over?  ROIBored

More often than not we hear prospects say “I don’t need monthly reporting because it never shows me anything. It’s just a waste of time.”

We completely agree when we look at what they are seeing. 

Often it’s a bunch of numbers and maybe a couple of graphs that don’t add value because they aren’t tied to anything that makes a difference to the bottom line.  Let’s face it, an increase in the number of Facebook fans you have might be an ego boost, but if it isn’t a revenue boost the novelty quickly wears off.

One of our current clients used to get a 25-page printout of “results” in the mail each month. It was not customized, obviously spewed out by a computer, and provided zero explanation to how the numbers were relevant to the company’s goals.  He didn’t connect to the report at all and always tossed it in the trash. 

This type of reporting is just a waste of time – and paper.  It’s also given “stats reports” a bad reputation.  Of course, truly measuring results is the only way to prove value on your content marketing investment.  So, how do you overcome the dread of looking at a boring stats report?  You have to look beyond the numbers to the story your data tells.

Is my website performing like the Donald Trump of websites?

The right data can actually show how content marketing supports big picture company goals like more traffic, more leads and more sales.

For example, our editorial team recently noticed that more than 100 people read a blog post about a new paper product from one of our clients.  We looked beyond the numbers to see that this content was a popular kid.  He had a dynamic personality that engaged with visitors.

To keep him in the spotlight, we created more blog posts around the topic he spoke about, which eventually brought in enough visitors to warrant a press release and ultimately media coverage.


The value of saying “100 people viewed this post” would have been unsubstantial, and worthy of being tossed in the trash if we had only looked at the numbers and not noticed the popular kid in our data that month. Instead, he has brought in over 1,000 visitors and even inspired a page on Amazon.

Make sure the content marketing agency you choose has a solid way to answer important questions like:

  • Am I getting the right traffic to my website?
  • Am I making money from my website?  
  • Is the money I’m spending on my content marketing agency paying off?

Remember, page views aren’t just a popularity contest. They show what topics are interesting – or just as important not interesting – to visitors and search engines. They show what content is working and what needs to be adjusted.

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