How We Won the Happiest HubSpot Clients Award

Andrea Miller

Written by Andrea Miller on Fri, Dec 11, 2015

Happiest_Clients.jpgSPROUT Content received a huge accolade as a HubSpot Gold Level Agency Partner this fall at HubSpot's #INBOUND15: an Impact award for Happiest Clients. While we were thrilled to be recognized for having such happy, amazing clients (which we already knew), we were also slightly perplexed. How can HubSpot measure how happy our clients are when they are involved in so many different industries and spread across the globe?

We recently got our answer, and it's all in the data behind three letters: CHI.

What is CHI?

HubSpot uses CHI (a play on the Chinese word 气, which means life force), or Customer Happy Index, to measure customer usage of all of its products. This algorithm is used internally to determine retention and help predict customer success. "It's HubSpot's way of tracking and providing actionable data on how we can make our customers more successful," said Al Biedrzychi, Channel Marketer for HubSpot Partner Team in this video to agency partners.  

CHI basically measures how well HubSpot customers are practicing inbound marketing, which in hopes leads to long-term success. Customers with high CHI scores have high traffic and leads each month. They are also likely blogging regularly, creating lead generation campaigns, running effective email campaigns and engaging in social media. They are also more likely to renew, which makes both agency partners and HubSpot winners as well.

How is CHI calculated?

CHI lists all of the HubSpot apps and potential points that can be achieved by using that app. All scores are based on a trailing 30 day time period, meaning if you fulfilled that particulate action in the timeframe, the agency partner gets credit. All facets are summed up to give each HubSpot customer a score between 0 and 235. Since agency partners work on behalf of clients, the higher a customer's CHI score, the better it is for the agency partner.


CHI also takes into account new business being brought in by agency partners to HubSpot, as well as customers that may have been lost.

In the past, CHI was a mystery to us agency partners. "It's complicated, not transparent and realtively static. Overall, it's not very 'inboundy'," said Biedrzychi. So, Hubspot is tweaking the model next year so that it's more transparent, simple and always evolving. They are currently taking feedback from partners and working on developing a new transparent model. We expect to see a plan by the end of the year and a launch of the new program early next year.

So, what does this mean for SPROUT Content? Not much, really. We'll just keep doing what we do best: working with our clients in unglamorous industries to achieve stellar results through inbound marketing. The fact that we were recognized for our work by having the happiest clients this year, proven by data, fires us up to work even harder to maintain and exceed those relationships and their success levels.

“Our mantra is to ‘Build Valuable Relationships’ with our clients, so they can develop them with their customers.  Knowing that we are doing that well is the greatest reward, and we will work to uphold that recognition every day,” said Debbie Williams, SPROUT Content Chief Content Officer and Co-founder.

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