How to Prove the Value of your Content Marketing Investment

Debbie Williams

Written by Debbie Williams on Wed, Jan 14, 2015

How_to_Measure_Your_Content_Marketing-1It's a new year, when eveyone has diets, healthy living, losing weight, exercise and overall self improvement on the brain (at least for the next 2 weeks).  But while you're measuring your waistline, what about your marketing? Do you have a set content marketing and inbound marketing strategy in place and the right tools by which to measure them? 

The return on Investment or “ROI” of marketing has been buzzed about and debated for decades. Since the heyday of Madison Avenue well into the Millennium, very few true measurement tools existed that could prove direct correlations between marketing tactics and real results.

In the late 1990’s, I remember the exaggerated pass-along rates of magazines, newspapers and other media outlets, which inflated my PR clients “impressions” by the hundreds of thousands.  Then, direct mail was the next big thing, where businesses tracked promotional codes from postcards sent to people’s homes or from inserts in magazines. Coupons, tracking codes, impressions, readers, listeners, subscribers, attendees, viewers… these were the only measurable benchmarks that businesses had to try to piece together their marketing and advertising return on investment. 

Companies had to believe the money they invested in marketing resulted in positive brand awareness. If sales went up over time, the marketing tactics were working, right?  It was very challenging to see which marketing actions really drove sales.

But, now, thankfully the world is entirely different. 

Inbound marketing, Content marketing and the Data Explosion

Today, marketers are faced with a different challenge.  Rather than trying to piece together a story of success from vague or exaggerated numbers, everything can be tracked on the digital landscape. The reality is that we’re certainly not lacking for metrics. Instead, we are faced with a constant explosion of data.

Whether you’re tracking page views, shares, click-through rates, blog comments — if you name it, you can track it. We have access to more data about our marketing than ever before; but the real question is – do you have any real insight about it? What are the most important metrics to pay attention to? And what does that mean to the bottom line of your business?

An effective content marketing and inbound marketing strategy will ensure that:

1-    There are benchmarks tied to specific business goals

2-    There is an ongoing process and the right tools in place for evaluating success

Determining your content and inbound marketing return on investment, or as the Content Marketing Institute’s Joe Pulizzi calls it, Return on Objective, is crucial for businesses today.

As a HubSpot Certified Gold Agency Partner, we are all about proving results. And, we want businesses to understand how important, and possible, it is to really prove your return on content investment. Download our new ebook, What Gets Measured Gets Improved, to find out how to really calcualte the ROI of your content investment. 

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