How Agile Inbound Marketing Will Deliver the Fastest, Most Impactful Results for your Company

Waverly Loza

Written by Waverly Loza on Mon, Mar 27, 2017

The beauty of inbound marketing is how quickly it changes and updates. New platforms are constantly rolling out and social media has a new ad set every week. To take full advantage of this dynamic landscape, it is important that your marketing team has the ability to modify your marketing plan quickly to capitalize on new opportunities.

Practicing Agile Inbound Marketing enables your team to frequently evaluate how to best budget time and financial resources. Instead of being stuck with a rigid monthly or yearly editorial calendar, agile marketers have the ability to make their marketing strategy fluid on a weekly or daily basis when changes need to be made.

The ability to be “agile” is a game-changer for your marketing team and your company. Here are the reasons why.


“The only difference between a mob and a trained army is organization.” - Calvin Coolidge

At SPROUT Content every client benefits from the support of our entire inbound marketing agency. That means we have a lot of hands on deck with each deliverable, from strategy to content development and optimization to publishing and lead conversion. With any marketing team, there are a lot of moving parts and multi-tasking for each account, including deadlines, correspondence, and actionable items. But the structure of an agile marketing team eliminates the stress of having to document and keep track of each team member’s tasks. Tasks never ‘slip through the cracks’ because they are tracked and organized daily and weekly. For your company that means staying on strategy and meeting deadlines seamlessly.

Why We Transformed to an Agile Inbound Marketing Company


“Time is money.” - Benjamin Franklin

Agile inbound marketing equips your company with the ability to chart and analyze, week over week, how quickly and efficiently your marketing team is able to get work done. Breaking down each task and being able to see how it progresses through the agile process (Planning->Ready-> In Progress-> Internal Review-> Acceptance-> Done) provides a quick, but comprehensive overview for the marketing team to see where a task is and how far it is from being done. The overview and breakdown allows team members to see exactly what is being worked on and how quickly. If a recurring task continually holds up a team it can be analyzed and changed to yield better, and faster, results. That means your company spends less time and energy trying to fix poor processes and being slowed by delays, and more time creating marketing campaigns that provide valuable results for your company.

How Agile Inbound Marketing Will Deliver the Fastest, Most Impactful Results for your Company


“A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity.” Dalai Lama

Agile lays the foundation for your company’s marketing and sales teams to foster a strong, efficient relationship resulting in more qualified leads. Traditional marketing can leave your strategy stagnant and inflexible, leaving you stuck with a plan and budget developed a year ago. The agile marketing method allows your marketing team to be transparent with the time and resources they need on daily or weekly basis. With this information it is easy for your marketing team to analyze and communicate which campaigns are working and how to better align their efforts with sales, resulting in more qualified leads. The transparency of agile marketing ensures that sales and marketing are always working towards the same goals, in real-time, based on customer data.

Set for Success

The flexibility that agile marketing offers for your business is vital to producing marketing campaigns that deliver tangible results based on analytics and current customer needs. Agile instills organizational structure in teams to ensure timely completion of goals and KPI’s quickly. And, if something isn’t working, you can quickly pivot to make changes and optimize for more effective results.

Find out why being an agile inbound marketing agency allows us to deliver real-time results for our clients.

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