Colorado Companies Embracing Content Marketing

Chris Hawkins

Written by Chris Hawkins on Fri, Oct 31, 2014

Content marketing can mean a lot of things, but ultimately it’s about creating valuable content that attracts a particular audience. Valuable content often tells stories.

As a Denver agency, we are always looking for companies in our neck of the woods that just get content marketing--real storytellers. Here are a few.

Kindness Yoga:

Do a quick search for “yoga Denver” and up pops this Denver-based company in first position. A great step in the marketing scheme of things, especially when you consider there are almost as many yoga studios as pot shops.

The homepage is inviting. Look at this happy bunch—these smiling posers are the ones who will be asking you to contort yourself.

You also quickly and clearly see how much it costs for new students. They’re off to a good start.


But it’s when you click on their blog that you really find the pulse and spirit of Kindness. The blog dropdown submenu contains specific topics that would appeal to about any yoga practioner.


Want a video on the crow pose? It’s in there. Want a story? Read to how one teacher used yoga to help her cope with the ravages of breast cancer. Watch the owner discuss supporting others with depression.

These blog posts provide both inspiration and education—the perfect content marketing combo.

Finally, Kindness Yoga doesn’t fall into the trap of trying to do too many things and doing them mediocrely. They have a Facebook page and that’s it. And it’s updated regularly with posts their customers would find useful.


It’s obvious Kindness Yoga not only knows their audience, they also appreciate them.

MWH Global, Inc:

Where Kindness Yoga has a very warm, inviting website, MWH Global’s site is a bit more serious. That’s to be expected from a company that is a “global leader in wet infrastructure and environmental engineering.” But underneath that utilitarian façade, is something very human.

If content marketing is about connecting with people using stories, MWH Global should win an Academy Award with their YouTube channel.

Their “A Day in the Life” series chronicles an employee’s daily job and how that job is rewarding to them personally because it positively affects a society in ways most of us never think about. It's not sappy or contirved. It's real.

"We take water for granted… especially having access to clean drinking water. And knowing that on most of the projects that I work on I get to help make sure that's provided to people. That's a cool, rewarding part of my job,” said Hillary Holmes.


Though the environmental video topics could be weighty, they never are because they use thoughful-sounding people—usually an employee working on a project—to tell their story. One series is called “Smart People. Smart Solutions”, which comes off as a smart and human news segment. Think NPR.



Watch any of MWH Global's videos. This company certainly gets content marketing.

Has your company embraced content marketing? Tell us about it.

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