Being HubSpot Certified Silver Level and What it Means for You

Andrea Miller

Written by Andrea Miller on Wed, Aug 06, 2014

HubSpot Silver PartnerWe recently reached a major milestone for our inbound marketing agency. SPROUT Content has achieved the Silver Level Agency Partner Certification from HubSpot.

HubSpot's tier structure is based on revenue, retention, engagement and client satisfaction. By reaching the Silver Level mark, we are being recognized for bringing in new clients, fully utilizing the HubSpot platform and tools and maintaining happy clients. It also demonstrates our committment to be innovative in the marketplace, stay up to date on industry happenings and grants us access to more resources that we can share with our clients.

Why we are committed to HubSpot

Three years ago we made a decision that changed the course of SPROUT Content as an agency. We started using Hubspot's Inbound Marketing platform and saw 100% ROI the first year. Crazy, right? Now, we recommend the tool to all of our clients and require it for most. That's because it is the best solution that we've seen to track and prove the value of a company's content marketing efforts. To put it simply, Hubspot works.

We've seen drastic results for ourselves. Last year, SPROUT Content won the award for "Greatest Traffic Growth" among HubSpot partners. Our website averaged 17.65% growth, which was the highest average monthly growth in visits of HubSpot's domestic partners since August 2012.

Inbound Every Day

Inbound marketing is part of our everyday routine, and our team is committed to learning. Earlier this year, each member of our team completed a two-part HubSpot certification, including a comprehensive test on inbound marketing best practices, as well as a working knowledge of the inbound software.

Growing that knowledge is translating into positive results for our clients. Lawn Master, Oren International, Esco Techonologies and Gilmore Services are all using the HubSpot platform with positive results. 

The software is filled with great tools to help marketers attract visitors, convert leads and increase sales. The system makes it very easy to manage your website, blog, CTAs and lead nurturing campaigns. If you’re interesting in seeing it in action, let us know.

Now, we're going for gold!

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