How to Brainstorm to Avoid "Boring" Content

Molly Bruno

Written by Molly Bruno on Wed, Jul 23, 2014

brainstormBrainstorming. The name itself sounds grueling. Whether you carry out brainstorming with lists, research, or meetings, coming up ideas for new content can seem like tedious work. If the thought of brainstorming for your industry is enough to induce yawning, then it’s time to rethink your method. It goes without saying that no one wants to write or read boring content. Even if you are in one of the most technical, unglamorous or what some may consider "boring" industries, you have the same opportunity as consumer brands to come up with amazing content.

To avoid a creativity slump, there are ways to generate ideas for challenging businesses that won’t leave you mentally exhausted. 

Make it Newsworthy

When you wear out your internal brainstorming efforts, try looking for outside inspiration. One way to kick start ideas is by reading current news stories. Search for industry related news to find topics that could apply to your content. Is there a new law, finding or statistic that could impact your industry? If your ideas still seem bland, relate your industry to relevant events or trends to spice up your content. For example, see our blog posts, The #BlurredLines of #Facebook #Hashtags and Does Budweiser Have Puppy Love for its Marketing Agency? for inspiration.

Look for Common Ground

When you have an audience in mind, brainstorming ideas is not as daunting. It might not be easy to write about your industry for anyone, but when your content is meant for a certain audience, you can learn to speak their language. Maybe your audience won’t connect with highly technical information. That doesn’t mean the story is over. Just as you would learn a new language to communicate with another person, you can adapt your content to resonate the most with your audience. Look for common ground when you brainstorm. What are some aspects of your business with which your audience can easily relate?

Use a Tool

When you are stuck on creating ideas, try using a tool like HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator. Enter three key nouns, and the tool generates five catchy blog topic suggestions for you to use. Even if you don’t end up using the suggestions, working with a tool is a great way to inspire creativity and get you on the right track for brainstorming.

Think your industry is too boring for compelling content? Here is an example of a blog post we wrote for our client in the paper converting industry. When people think of the paper industry, they might not immediately find it exciting. That’s where creative brainstorming comes in. After all, people need paper. We came up with a blog post targeting an audience of grocers, butcher shops and delis that have meat displays. We knew we wanted to promote steak paper, so we brainstormed the differences between two ways to display meat: on Sytrofoam or on colorful steak paper. Here’s what we came up with:

Screen shot 2014 07 18 at 11.05.33 AM

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