How to Avoid Boring Content for Dull Industries

Molly Bruno

Written by Molly Bruno on Wed, May 21, 2014

YawnLet’s take a moment to face the facts. We all have an idea of the businesses we find most exciting. For some, the fashion and beauty industry wins. For others, the sports industry is a slam-dunk (you're welcome).

But, what if you work in a traditionally unglamorous industry? If you work in, tech, warehousing, manufacturing, the list goes on, rest assured, we’re not picking on you. In fact, we’re here to tell that you are in the perfect position to create interesting content about your industry.

For example, records management might not sound thrilling at first, but it is an important need that many people have. Why not create awesome content about it to attract your audience? With an effective content marketing strategy every industry has a chance to shine.

Here's how it works.

Who said boring was bad?

The most popular industries initially seem like the easiest for which to write content. But, that’s not always the case. Popular industries are inundated with information, so creating new and interesting content can actually be more challenging. For boring industries, just imagine the possibilities to create exciting content. Your business has the opportunity to change the way it is perceived, becoming a leading voice in your industry through content.

Write for your audience

It’s important to remember who your audience is, and that means cutting out the industry jargon in your content. Take this time to answer questions and share your expertise in an understandable way. If your company is extremely technical, consider how you can translate some of the nuances to your audience through your website content or in blog posts. Remember to be specific, answer questions, bring in visuals when possible and take the opportunity to build a relationship with your audience with your content.  

Plan ahead and reap the rewards

A detailed editorial calendar is your new best friend. Put content strategy tools like keyword research to use, and gain insight and information you need to begin creating an editorial calendar. Planning your content for blogging and social media ahead of time keeps your content marketing organized and consistent. Want another hint? After you have built a solid foundation of blog posts, you can always renovate an old blog post to include new information or a different angle for a quick way to produce new content.

Let social media guide you

Looking to social media can only help when it comes to creating content. Start poking around on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to find out what is trending in your industry and what keywords are relevant. You might find that some social media platforms work better for your industry than others, and that is a good thing. You don’t have to be active everywhere, just where it makes the most sense for your industry and is most in line with your audience.

Remember, we don’t think your industry is boring, and you shouldn’t either! Find out how you can create exciting content even for B2B, manufacturing and typicallly boring industries in our upcoming webinar

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