How Do I Know if My Content is Engaging?

Molly Bruno

Written by Molly Bruno on Thu, Feb 06, 2014

engagementTalking about your business is easy. As the owner or head of marketing, you likely know the ins and outs of your company and your industry. You know the business’s strengths, and what sets it apart from others, but do your customers? Sharing content on your website, your blog and on social media channels is one way to reach your audience. The key, however, is sharing the right type of content to truly make an impact. For your content to achieve its purpose, it’s important that you speak to your audience by implementing a strong editorial content strategy. So, how do you know if your content is engaging? Here are five questions to answer. 

1. Would your salespeople share the information?

Your salespeople are a vital part of your company, and their success means your business thrives. Is the content you share something your salespeople would use to make a sale? To test if your content is engaging, consider if it’s compelling enough for your sales team to share when landing a deal. 

2. Does it make sense to your target market?

Although you might have a lot to say about your company and what you offer, it won’t go very far if your target audience doesn’t understand. Avoid things like industry jargon and dull, generic messaging. Your customers can sense the tone of your company from your content. Are you rigid, boring or inaccessible? Or are your authentic, transparent and reachable? Take notice and learn to speak to your target market with the right language.

3. Does it answer a core question or provide practical solutions?

Think about sharing content like playing cards. You can play cards by yourself for fun, or you can play an interactive game that requires strategy and yields rewards. The same goes for the way you share content. Rather than sharing content about you and your company, involve your audience and answer core questions and provide solutions. By sharing your expertise and offering tips or solutions, you position yourself as an expert in your field and a reliable source for information. 

4. Is it truthful?

It suffices to say this is one of the most important things to consider. If you’re sharing content, it must be truthful. Once you lose credibility, it’s nearly impossible to fully gain it back. There are too many truthful and interesting things to share about your company to deceive your target market with untrue information. Be real in all aspects of your content, and it’s hard to go wrong. 

5. Does it have a helpful next step or CTA?

Now that you’re on a roll providing engaging content, it’s important to keep your audience involved. Sharing information is great, but for action to be taken, you must lead people there. At the end of pages on your site, blog posts, emails or downloads, remember to add a helpful next step or call to action. If someone is interested in learning more or contacting you, you want to make sure you offer a way to follow through.  

How do you keep your content engaging? We would love to hear your ideas.

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