Does Budweiser have 'Puppy Love' for its Marketing Agency?

Dechay Watts

Written by Dechay Watts on Thu, Jan 30, 2014

budweiser super bowl adAs an inbound marketing agency, we continually strive to find the balance between strategy and creativity for our clients when it comes to marketing. While Budweiser isn’t one of our clients, their newly debuted Super Bowl Puppy Love ad left me thinking about the strategy behind the commercial.  Especially, when Mike Byrne, creative director for Anomaly ad agency said, “If you won first place last year in the track meet you’re kind of expected to win it again…or you’re a failure.” 

Is this a commercial to boost revenue, brand recognition and emotional ties for Budweiser, or is the real intent to get their ad agency another award?  Last year, Anomaly won Ad Meter’s Super Bowl Commercial of the Year, apparently putting plenty of pressure on the agency to win again.

Don’t get me wrong; I got teary watching the heart-tugging story of the special bond between a Clydesdale and a Labrador retriever puppy.  But, will it make me buy Budweiser?

In addition to the fact that I always choose wine or whisky over beer… and that I live in Denver, which has so many good breweries that a large domestic brand barely has a chance, the Budweiser commercial really left me wanting a puppy more than anything else.

Who knows, maybe the ad will boost canine adoption. In which case, well done Budweiser and Anomoly!  And while large brands like Budweiser certainly have enough funds to spend money on a heartfelt commercial, 99% of businesses can't afford ads just for notoriety and PR. They really need to prove the ROI of their marketing efforts (which is why we love content marketing). These 99% are the companies that likely disagree with this statement about Super Bowl Sunday from Brian Perkins, vice president of Budweiser who said, “It’s safe to say that it’s the most important day in our year.”

For the businesses out there whose owners will likely be watching the Super Bowl, weeping at the ads, jumping up and down at the plays, and possibly even drinking Budweiser…consider the fact that you could be even smarter than the big boys. While you’re enjoying a kickback afternoon of football, beer and puppies, your website could be making sales for you as your 24/7 sales team that doesn’t care about winning awards.

All that being said… Go Broncos!

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