Super Social Bowl Provides Great Content Marketing Game Play

Andrea Miller

Written by Andrea Miller on Fri, Jan 31, 2014

This Sunday's Super Bowl is sporting a new name among marketing circles: Super Social Bowl. That moniker is building on last year's "Big Game" which was not only one of the most watched football games in history, but also turned up some impressive stats off the field too:

  • 5.3 million people sent out 26.1 million tweets during the course of the entire game, according to SocialGuide's 2013 Super Bowl Advertising Report.
  • Ray Lewis ended his career with a championship and scored a total of 180,771 tweets about him.
  • Beyonce received 5.5 million tweets, or 268,000 tweets per minute, during her halftime performance. 

Oreo's Smashing Success

Oreo had a game-changer during last year's competition when it took advantage of the infamous blackout in the New Orleans Superdome with a simple tweet and picture.

Oreo Tweet

Clever? Yes. Totally spontaneous creativity? Nope. Big brands like Oreo have a process (i.e. red tape) for creative campaigns to get approved. So, while it may have seemed impromptu to the Twitterverse, there was likely a lot of work that went into that tweet. Could they have predicted a power outage? It's possible. More likely is that Oreo had a key group of creatives and executives gathered in a "war room" to watch the game, jump on any trending opportunity and get approval quickly in order to capitalize on the moment. It was the ultimate example of "newsjacking". The positive replies, thousands of "favorites" and over 10,000 retweets showed Oreo was a real winner. 


Replies to Oreo Tweets

But Oreo wasn't the only brand waiting on the sidelines.

Tide used the blackout for an online ad.


Jim Beam also capitalized on the blackout with this Facebook post.


Calvin Klein provided the ultimate distraction from the blackout while embracing the hot new Internet trend of Vine, a six-second video of a ripped man doing sit-ups with the message "Since the lights are still out..." Now, that's a different type of six pack than we usually see during the Super Bowl.

This year, we expect to see many more brands setting up "media rooms" to jump on real time marketing opportunities. At the minimum, you could gather a designer, copywriter and whoever needs to give approval for the content and get to work. While the players battle it out on the turf, brands will be strategizing their plays via social media.

Since most of us don't have an eight-digit advertising budget, our other option is to figure out what people will be talking about during the game and join the conversation. Monitoring hashtags is a great way to see what's trending and where you should focus your content efforts.

With this year's exciting lineup of Payton Manning, Richard Sherman and Bruno Mars, we expect to see more records set off the field. So, don't drop the ball and get in the game!

What do you expect to see trend during Super Bowl XLVIII?

Personally, I can't wait to see all of the pot jokes since both teams are from states that have legalized marijuana. #StonerBowl #GoBroncos

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