Is your Content Marketing Strategy Naughty or Nice?

Andrea Miller

Written by Andrea Miller on Tue, Dec 24, 2013

santaWhile children should be on their best behavior today in hopes of a visit from Santa tonight, content marketers are also making naughty and nice lists. Is your content marketing strategy worthy of a present in the form of a customer sale or a lump of coal like an email unsubscribe?

We're making our list and checking it twice:

The Naughty

  • You use your content opportunities to talk only about your own products and services. Don't be a grinch! Share the love this holiday season and year-round by curating content by others that your customers will find useful.
  • You are stingy with your blogs and only wrote a few posts this year. Being consistent and producing quality content is the key to good business blogging. Get in the game for 2014 by crafting an editorial calendar your team can commit to. 
  • Your brand is on every social media platform that's out there, but you don't do any of them well. In fact, your cutting and pasting skills are the only thing above par. Think of how your dad feels when he unwraps that pair of socks each year at Christmas, and don't bore your customers.
  • Your website makes your customers feel as if they are playing reindeer games. Your website is your first impression. If the information or navigation is confusing or full of jargon, your customers will click elsewhere. Be like Rudolph and light the way for your customers by having clear, easy-to-read information and navigation.

The Nice

  • You have a documented content strategy. If you do, you're still in the minority of marketers, but you are seeing more results than those that don't. Think of it as a letter to Santa, laying out everything you want from your content this year.
  • elfYou are transparent in your business. This is so important, we wrote a book called Brands in Glass Houses on it this year. Just like an Elf on a Shelf, your customers are always watching and monitoring your business practices. They'll report to the world via social media or through online review sites, so you'd better make sure you are listening.
  • You pay attention to analytics. After all, how else will you know if the presents you are giving your customers in the form of content are winning them over? Monitor your numbers to make sure what you are doing is working.
  • You provide valuable content for your clients, even if it doesn't equate to a sale right at first. Whether it's offering whitepapers, downloads, e-books, videos or webinars, you are constantly thinking of new ways that your brand can help others. Don't forget to repurpose your content and package it in a different way, just like recycling all that wrapping paper.

What naughty or nice content marketing strategies would you add to this list?

Happy holidays from all of us at SPROUT Content!


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