What Does Hubspot Do?

Dechay Watts

Written by Dechay Watts on Wed, Aug 28, 2013

Before going to #Inbound13, I would have told you that Hubspot is a great platform for managing all of your online marketing on one place. It has easy keyword research tools, reporting tools, publishing tools and email marketing options.

We’ve had great success using it for ourselves, and many of our clients, and numbers to support the investment:

hubspot inbound marketing toolsAll of that is still true… but it’s just the tip of the iceberg that gives us goose bumps of excitement! A new version of Hubspot announced at #Inbound13 offers amazing features, two of which we’ll cover here. These are game changers in the world of inbound marketing. I'm not saying this as a Hubspot VAR, but as a marketer who understands the necessity of showing a return on your marketing dollars. Check this out:

Responsive Content Optimization

hubpsot responsive designInstead of a Content Marketing System (CMS), Hubspot now offers a Content Optimization System (COS), which is based on “responsive design.” Basically, the COS responds to whatever device a person is using – phone, table, good ol' laptop – by automatically repacking the website pages to a design that best fits that device at that moment.

Not only does it repackage the design to best match a device, it also delivers content based on the buying cycle of a person. Like marketing automation systems that allow you to personalize emails from lists, the COS lets you personalize actual website pages.

So, let’s say Researcher Robbie comes to your website and fills out a form to receive a free buying guide. The next time Robbie comes to your site, your home page could actually say, “Welcome back Robbie. We really hope you enjoyed your free buying guide. If you liked what you saw, you may also enjoy reading this blog post about <something awesome>.  This Smart Content feature can swap out text, images and video based on the visitors past experience on your site. The goal for marketers being to create relevant content to every individual website visitor at the precise stage of their consumer lifecycle.  Talk about speaking to your target market!

Real-Time Sales Tracking

hubspot signalsThe second really amazing tool is a sales person’s dream-come-true. Signalsis a tracking tool that monitors your sent email and notifies you at the moment someone opens an email you’ve sent from Gmail or Google. As a sales person, you not only gain insight on when a lead opens your email, but also whether they are a quick responder or more apt to take their time getting back to you – and likely more apt to take their time making decisions. You can also set it to send notifications about status changes in LinkedIn.  These features are free in the plug-in, which requires using Google Chrome. For sales reps who want to drill in deeper, there is also a paid version that notifies a sales rep if a prospect is visiting their website and what pages their viewing.

CEO Brian Halligan says, “It actively watches all the people you designate as important. It pulls needles out of that haystack,” Halligan says. “So they can have much better conversations with prospects. Knowing if someone visited your pricing page can be an important signal.”

Cool? Creepy? What do you think?

So, what does Hubspot do? The software is filled with great tools to help marketers attract visitors, convert leads and increase sales. The system makes it very easy to manage your website, blog, CTAs and lead nurturing campaigns. If you’re interesting in seeing it in action, just let us know. We’d be happy to show you our dashboard and give you a walk-through of some of the tools we turn to for proving client success.

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