The #BlurredLines of #Facebook #Hashtags

Debbie Williams

Written by Debbie Williams on Wed, Jun 19, 2013

facebook hashtag As it’s been widely buzzed about, Facebook is following in the social media footsteps of Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr and incorporating clickable and searchable hashtags on the social networking site. About 20% of all Facebook users will get the hashtag feature in an initial roll-out with a worldwide launch over the next few weeks.

Hashtags allow people to find out what anyone else is saying about a particular topic on certain social media channels and let them follow discussions about everything from serious news (#Syria) to tv shows (#MadMen) or even eating #glutenfree. Like on other social media sites, when a hashtag is included in a Facebook post, clicking on it will create a feed that aggregates other posts that have been tagged with the same phrase.  From a business perspective, hashtags can help brands monitor, ok, eavesdrop, on conversations pretty easily.

Hashtags have actually been used on Facebook for a while, but until now there hasn’t been a way to aggregate them as a searchable tool. 

Hashtags are Everywhere

From TV shows, commercials, newscasts and even music videos, hashtags are now a part of our daily lives. But now that Facebook, the most popular social media tool in the world, is incorporating hashtags, it's likely that they'll infiltrate society even more, considering we already think in the form of status updates. 

A very talked-about and prominent use of hashtags can be seen in the slightly controversial (although funny) video for crooner Robin Thicke’s hot summer song “Blurred Lines.”  Although the song is raising eyebrows (and likely many other things), and even being called “Rapey” by the Daily Beast and other sites, it’s certainly fueling the hashtag frenzy.  Hashtags are increasingly making cameo appearances in music videos, but have never played such a starring role as #THICKE and #BLURREDLINES do in Thicke’s video. The video is stamped like a billboard with the hashtag #THICKE in bold red every few seconds.


Since it’s launch at the end of March, the video has received almost 50 Million views and is #1 on the Billboard music charts in the US, UK and Canada (the whole album will launch in July). Talk about creating conversation for an album launch! 

Do you think the hashtag is about to get even bigger than #THICKE? 



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