5 Ways a Content Marketing Agency Can Free Up Your Marketing Department's Time

Andrea Miller

Written by Andrea Miller on Wed, Apr 17, 2013

clockMarketing managers are being asked to move the needle forward while resources are being pulled backward these days. Whether it’s staffing cuts or lack of buy in from the top, all marketers face challenges. In fact, producing enough content is the second biggest challenge to B2C marketers behind only lack of budget, according to data compiled by the Content Marketing Institute. It appears time is a luxury that marketers no longer have.

Here are 5 ways a content marketing agency can free up your time:

1. Trust the Experts

You are an expert in your industry, but that doesn’t make you an expert in content marketing. A tried-and-true content marketing agency can do the things you dread, don’t know how to do properly or simply don’t have time to do: create a consistent plan and develop content for your website, newsletters, blogs and social media channels. Taking this serving of content marketing off of your plate allows you to fully focus your attention on your business’ competencies and customer satisfaction.

 2. Create a Plan

Marketers are often tasked with getting results without necessarily having time to develop a blueprint to map the way to success. Having a content marketing agency on board can help you take a step back and really delve deep into your company’s story. Through a strategic, collaborative approach, you will work together to reveal the vital nuggets of information that set you apart from your competition. This will help determine specific business goals that can be reached through content marketing. From there, it’s easy to collaborate with an agency on your message and create content that connects with your audience and delivers results.

3. End Writers Block

Do you spend too much time staring at the blinking cursor on your screen wondering how to create the next piece of industry thought leadership? Partnering with a content marketing agency with experienced writers can ensure your content will be well-written and researched, which builds credibility for your brand. Most agencies either have writers on staff or access to a trusted network of freelance writers for content creation. With professional writers, you don’t have to worry about incorrect information, unsuitable tone, incorrect grammar or even misspellings. And since they are pros, this is their specialty, allowing you to focus on other things

4. Measure Results

It takes a good amount of time to monitor the results of your marketing campaigns so that you can constantly improve upon them. A content marketing agency can take of this for you by installing a detailed analytics reporting system. You’ll get valuable information on keyword/page ranking, customer visits, increases in leads, etc. as well as the ability to measure the success of your social media efforts. The analytics of content marketing can be a full-time job itself. Since you already have a full-time job, get help from a content marketing agency

5. Make Money

The old adage, “You have to spend money to make money” is true in this case. While investing in a content marketing agency can feel like risky move, if you have ambitions to create content in-house and no one has time to do it, you’re actually losing money. Without a content marketing strategy, you will never reach all those web visitors, prospective clients and leads that are pivotal to building your business. You can also save money in the long run by outsourcing project-based work to an agency rather than delegating to an employee. That’s because none of the extras such as equipment and office space, payroll taxes, insurance costs and benefits come into play when working with an agency. The hourly or project fee is all that you will ever have to pay.

Convinced that a content marketing agency’s help is the key to freeing up some extra hours in your workday? Get tips on how to choose a partner from a poser in our free guide on

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