3 Easy SEO Tactics to Do Right Now

Dechay Watts

Written by Dechay Watts on Fri, Mar 08, 2013

Want to improve your site rankings? Of course you do. Assuming your content marketing strategy is in place so you know your target keywords, who you’re speaking to, and what action you want visitors to take, here are 3 down and dirty ways to boost your search engine rankings.

1. Map Your Keywords to Your Site Pages

Open up an excel document right now and create three columns: Page, URL, Target Keyword.  Go to your website and list the top 25 pages in your site (eventually, you’ll want to list them all but you have to start somewhere).  Next to each page, copy and past the corresponding URL.  Next to each URL, type in the keyword phrase(s) you want to target for this particular page. Every page is an opportunity to lure in a visitor or prospect and should have its own unique meta data. For example, a plastic surgeon might focus on IPL or Dark Spot Removal on one page, and Botox on another.

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2. Add Meta Data

Open your content management system and make sure the keyword phrases from your excel document are written in the tag, header tag, content, and alt tag of each corresponding page.  Some SEO experts say the description doesn’t matter, but from a user perspective, it does. The description is the content humans see when they do a Google search and can be the enticing factor that encourages someone to click on your link.

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3. Make Use of Your Blog

Head over to your blog and pull up the last 25 to 50 blog posts. With your keyword list by your side, read through each blog post and look for any opportunity to incorporate one of your target keyword phrases.  When you find these opportunities, make sure to link the exact keywords back to the page you are targeting within your website.  This will help with your internal linking, and often creates reminders and ideas for future blog posts or enhancements to ones that might need an update.

How often do you optimize your website? Leave a comment and let us know what’s working for you.

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