Content Marketing is Transforming the Traditional PR Agency Model

Debbie Williams

Written by Debbie Williams on Thu, Feb 28, 2013

PR ContentMarketingIt was just announced that Steve Rubel, EVP for Global Strategy and Insights at Edelman in New York, was named the agency’s first Chief Content Strategist.  Rubel, who has been with Edelman since 2006, will be in charge of capitalizing on opportunities for content in various forms for the agency’s clients.  Rubel will focus on paid media, unlike Richard Sambrook, a former BBC editor and journalist who joined Edelman in 2010 (and left in May 2012) as the first Chief Content Officer, who worked mostly on editorial content development.

Meeting the need for content marketing

An article in the NY Times article quoted Rubel as saying, “’I’ve been in the P.R. business for 20 years, and I’ve never been more excited,’ said Mr. Rubel, 43. He likened his task to ‘putting a content engine inside Edelman’ that ‘complements the great work we’ve been doing for 60 years.’”

Smart PR and advertising agencies are changing the way they do business and transforming their traditional models to offer services typically handled by digital, interactive and media buying agencies. In fact, just this week Mindshare, a global media networked announced the launch of a content marketing division headed up by agency veteran Stacy Minero.  This just proves that brands are recognizing the effectiveness and impact of strategic, original content and more traditional model agencies are all vying for opportunities to stay relevant in the competitive, creative landscape.

In the marketing and advertising industry, agencies are aggressively seeking out innovative ideas as their clients focus more of their budgets on the digital space.  One of the newest trends, Real Time Marketing, has launched content-creation and creative teams that work around the clock like newsrooms. The goal is to develop content and distribute it across social media channels as events take place. As with most new trends, good and bad examples are popping up. Check out this terrific compilation by social media expert Jay Baer in “17 (mostly failed) Brand Tweets From the Oscars.”

We are proud to have started as a content marketing agency back when the term wasn’t making headlines.  We’re also thrilled to see content marketing having it’s shining moment and know that this is just the start of great things to come in our growing industry. 

What are your thoughts on the evolution of traditional PR agencies offering content marketing services?


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