What do Academy Award Winners and Content Marketers Have in Common?

Molly Bruno

Written by Molly Bruno on Wed, Feb 20, 2013

side oscarEach year, award season brings together the most talented actors and actresses and gives praise to their accomplishments.  In turn, we view from home and examine their glamorous dresses, high-profile dates and listen to moving acceptance speeches from select winners of the highest acting accolade. After all, to become nominated, these actors and actresses are usually wildly talented and appealing. However, only a few win for their performances. What do Academy Award winners have in common? They share the ability to convey content creatively and effectively. Here are some ways Oscar winners use the principals of content marketing to reel in that signature golden statue on award night.

They tell a story well          

It could be said that actors do for writers and screenplays what content marketers do for businesses and websites. They both tell a story based on strong content. Ben Affleck’s role in Argo, a movie about a secret operation to rescue six Americans amidst a hostage crisis in 1979, is an ambitious undertaking. Affleck looked the part, brought intensity and told us a real story about our history in an entertaining way. Argo is nominated this year for best picture, much in part to Affleck’s storytelling. Hugh Jackman’s performance in Les Misérables and Jennifer Lawrence’s performance in Silver Linings Playbook are also nominated this year. This shows that audiences could connect to the story they told. They moved us in some way because of their ability to communicate the content of the story.

They bring something new to the table 

The winning actors know nothing of the unimaginative. Like a well-planned out content marketing strategy, they aim to inform and entertain an audience. There’s a reason Daniel Day-Lewis nails virtually every performance and is nominated for best actor this year. Rather than acting like a character, he becomes the character in every story. He aims to be as authentic as possible and take chances with different roles.

This level of commitment and excitement for the craft is what we look for in content marketing. Oscar winners are set apart because they are able to generate attention and intrigue, no matter what the content is about.       

What actors do you think most effectively conveyed the most compelling content this award season?

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