Is Your Content Self-Destructing Like Snapchat?

SPROUT Content Contributor

Written by SPROUT Content Contributor on Thu, Feb 14, 2013

SPROUT Content is an inbound marketing agency that specializes in performance content for businesses in "unglamorous industries."

SnapchatThe latest hot mobile app, Snapchat, has everyone talking about the lifespan of content. Snapchat, often described as the next Instagram, allows users to send photos, video, drawings and texts to friends, but they disappear in under 10 seconds. 

The Stanford students who launched Snapchat believe that fleeting messages have an allure.  With 60 million Snaps shared everyday, many obviously agree.  Snapchat Founder and CEO Evan Spiegal has stated that his primary users, 13-25 year olds, have a fear of lasting ramifications of online communication, which has “taken the fun out of communicating.”

Disappearing Content

There have also been lots of warnings about the potential dangers of Snapchat when it comes to sharing private or personal pictures and messages, particularly among minors.

Thankfully, Sprout Content clients are marketers that understand the brand-building power of engaging content that lasts more than three seconds, and want to put the fun back into business conversations. Creating a lasting connection between companies and their audience is not only alluring, but also profitable.

Is your content as fleeting as a Snap?  What do you think about this much-talked about new social media app?



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