Beyonce Proves that People Crave Authentic Content

Dechay Watts

Written by Dechay Watts on Wed, Jan 23, 2013

beyonce inaugurationWe talk a lot about transparent storytelling and using your authentic voice in all content you deliver.  Fans, friends, and even foes want to see and hear from the real you at all touch points. Especially, at an important event like President Obama's Inauguration.

Now, we did hear Beyonce’s real voice in her “Star Spangled Banner” performance at the Presidential Inauguration. The content was hers. Yet, the accusations of a fake performance by the media and fans, not telling the true story, leave us talking about “scandal” and disappointment rather than her amazing voice.

Being Authentic is Empowering

Maybe America and the media would have more support for the possibility of Beyonce lip-syncing if equipment failure, voice problems or freezing temperatures had forced the decision. But, James Taylor performed “America the Beautiful” live and Kelly Clarkson gave a beautiful performance of “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” with the live Marine Corps Band. Neither chose to use the optional pre-records kept on-hand. Instead they risked a possible imperfect delivery. They succeeded in being authentic (and did a wonderful job). It probably made them feel even more accomplished to have conquered all the challenges underlying a live performance.

Perhaps Aretha Franklin’s voice cracking during the Inauguration four years ago inspired them.  It’s not like her performance put her on a slippery downward slope. Instead, she was seen as being an honest, human performer, during an emotional, historical moment.

Nobody Wants to Feel Duped

Today, we prefer authenticity to perfection. We want to know if your sick or tired or not quite up to performing. We don’t care if it’s cold out and your voice might shake or sound different than what we hear on the radio. If your audience knows where you’re coming from, they feel more connected to you and forgiving.  Nobody wants to feel duped. They want to know you are human.

Even if Beyonce didn’t tell a true story, at least she used her own voice, unlike former faux singers like Milli Vanilli. What do you think about Beyonce choosing to lip sync? Leave us a comment and let's discuss.

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