4 Reasons We are Thankful for Content Marketing

Debbie Williams

Written by Debbie Williams on Thu, Nov 22, 2012

describe the imageWe feel lucky to work at doing something we love. Helping businesses create meaningful conversations with their customers and share their expertise is a rewarding way to spend a day at the office.  Content marketing has transformed the way businesses think about marketing and their relationships with their customers, and we are grateful to be a part of that change process. 

Here are four reasons we are thankful for content marketing.  

1. Content marketing gives businesses freedom.

No longer reliant on pricey media buys, traditional advertising and the press to get their message out, businesses now have the opportunity to craft and control their message and get it out to the world in an instant. Brands can create and publish their own content through websites, blogs, social media channels, emails, texts and more. 

2. Encourages transparency and authenticity. 

Through content marketing, brands are lifting the veil of secrecy on their businesses, giving the world a glimpse into the inner workings of their company, their mission, passions, people and creation of their products. Brands like Stonyfield Farm, Origins, Patagonia, and even McDonald’s are literally revealing their secret sauce, and people love them for it! 

3. Lets the little guys compete with the big guys.

Content marketing levels the playing field and gives businesses of every size the opportunity to create relevant, helpful, unique content that people will find useful and share. A local or independent trucking company, beauty boutique or jewelry store (full disclosure, they're our clients too) is now equipped with the tools to create purposeful, original content that connects with real people who need and want their products.  Sometimes, small and medium sized businesses even do a better job at creating great original content than big corporations. Here are four small businesses that are getting content marketing right.  

4. Shows Real Results. 

Instead of spending thousands (or millions) of dollars on traditional advertising with the hopes that it reaches even 1% of their ideal target audience, brands can now create niche, targeted content and find out who is seeing it.  Content marketing results can be measured in clicks, shares, opens, page views, conversions, Likes, Tweets, subscribes, downloads and number of leads generated, if the right tracking and measurement tools and benchmarks are in place.  

At Sprout Content, we feel very fortunate to help our clients reach goals and grow through content. It thrills us to help other businesses succeed and we are honored to work with them.  We hope you work in an industry that you can be thankful for this year.  Have a wonderful holiday with family and friends!

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