Why a Blog is a Must for Every Content Marketing Plan

Andrea Miller

Written by Andrea Miller on Thu, Sep 27, 2012

Business BlogConsider business blogging as a race. Those who aren’t blogging are in the back of the pack. Businesses that blog but don’t post regularly need to pick up the pace. The frontrunners understand that having a content marketing plan includes regular blogging.

Statistics show that business owners understand the race is worth running, but they aren’t maintaining a good stride. Blogging.org reports 60% of businesses have a company blog, and 35% of those actively blog at least one time a month. But 65% haven’t updated their blog in one year or more. So, why should your business run a good race?

Create a Conversation

A well-written blog provides interesting and engaging content that others can learn from and share. Blogging builds community by making it quick and easy for people to comment and share your posts. That not only increases your reach to potential customers but helps you learn about your audience. Having a blog makes it easy for people to participate in the conversation about your business.

Convert Leads

A blog generates traffic to your website. The more time people spend on your site, the more potential they have of becoming customers. A survey of Hubspot customers showed 57% of companies with a blog have acquired a customer from their blog.

Get Found

Blogging creates original content for your website, which search engines love. The more information on your site that’s relevant to your business, the more likely a visitor will find you in keyword searches. The same Hubspot survey reveals the average company that blogs gets 97% more inbound links than for those that do not. This is a good argument for reallocating money spent on SEO and pay-per-click advertising to blogging.

Trusted Resource

A blog puts your business and your expertise in the spotlight. By regularly posting about industry news, trends, services and business challenges, your brand becomes a trusted resource for clients and prospects, other business leaders as well as the media. A blog can help you become a go-to industry expert.

Jumping Hurdles

There are obviously obstacles to overcome when running the business blog race:

  • Time and resources: Blogging definitely requires a commitment, which can be overwhelming.

  • Technology: You may not know the right blogging platform for your business.

  • Topics: It can be difficult to consistently come up with ideas for posts.

  • Marathon, not a Sprint: It takes time to develop a loyal, engaged following so don’t expect results right from the start.

  • Boredom: Don’t think a business blog can’t have personality. In fact, you can even use humor (gasp!). This will give your blog individuality as well as make it more approachable to your readers.

If the above hurdles are slowing you down and you don't have enough time or resources, a good content partner can create a customized blogging plan to meet your business goals. You should expect regular blogs written in your “voice” with compelling content that will increase website traffic, boost clicks and shares, and create conversation with your audience.  Find out what to look for when hiring a content marketing agency.

Or, if you'd rather try your own hand at content creation, start with an editorial calendar. Download our new e-book Content Continuity: An Interactive Guide to Editorial Calendars now available in the iTunes store.

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