Finding the Right Website Platform For Your Content Marketing Strategy

Andrea Miller

Written by Andrea Miller on Tue, Sep 25, 2012

cmsMany tools exist to help get your message out to the world. Using technology that wasn’t available even five years ago, content marketers can tell your story across a broad spectrum of platforms. But there seems to be new website technology popping up each day. How do you keep up and know what’s best for your brand?

Website as a Weapon

The first weapon in your strategy to disseminate information to your audience should be your website. The goal is to get users to find you. Once you have them on your site, you capture them with valuable content. They surrender to your powerful marketing, become a lead, and eventually, a customer.

Many companies have spent a lot of money on static websites. This means the sites are built using code which requires special software and specific training to edit. Anytime a site update is needed, a programmer has to be involved, which can be difficult and expensive to maintain. Your website may have been built with the best intentions and customizable features, but what good is it to have all of the bells and whistles if you can’t ring and blow them yourself?

Battle with CMS

Maintain control over your website by using a CMS. Usually referred to as a Content Management System, we like to think of it as a Content Marketing System! technology uses a database to store, retrieve and edit the content of your website. Using a CMS allows you to update your site easily, just like editing a Word document. Gone are the days where you need a developer to create new pages, update old pages, upload photos, videos and create landing pages. A CMS allows all of this, plus additional features such as events, calendars, blogs and more to be easily integrated into your website.

One platform that is designed specifically for marketing and sales people, and not IT experts or programming techies, is Hubspot. The easy-to-use software helps convert customers into leads and offers lots of simple tools for tracking and measuring your marketing activity, all in once place. There’s social media integration, flexibility with design and search engine optimization.

Wordpress may have started out as a blog platform, but it has transformed into one of the top CMS used by thousands of companies. It takes just minutes to post content, which makes writing blogs and web pages a breeze. Plus, search engines like Wordpress, which means with the right SEO strategy, Google and potential clients will find your website faster.

Drupal and Joomla are free, open source CMS with large, active communities. These platforms may be a bit much for the beginner to navigate, but sites built on them are highly customizable so you can add just about any needed functionality with an extension.

When considering CMS options, remember that your website is your online spokesperson. Your website should have the most up-to-date information and as much original content possible. You can achieve this easily with a CMS.

If you aren’t the DIY type, Sprout Content can handle all of your website needs, from charting your goals, determining your battle plan to online success and measuring results and efforts for repeated victories.

Request a free website evaluation today and take back control of your website!

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