Valuable Content Marketing Lessons from the Experts at #CMWORLD

Debbie Williams

Written by Debbie Williams on Thu, Sep 06, 2012

content marketing worldFrom website content to press releases and social...content matters. Here are just a few of the words of wisdom from the experts at Content Marketing World 2012.

  • Every small business must have a strategy. Be strategic about what you are doing, what content you are creating and what you are spending on. Don’t say you have no money for content marketing or content creation and then spend lots on a yellow page ad. @ccchapman
  • Use social to promote your content first, and you company second. @jaybear
  • The distinct value of your company is the intersection of your company's strengths with your customers needs. @ardathalbee
  • If you are a PR person sending out a press release about a new website, please stop. @prtini
  • Optimizing a press release and turning it into a blog post is not creating content. @mitchjoel
  • Working on headlines is the best thing you can do as a writer. @copyblogger
  • If you use a stock photo on your website you should be smacked. Take pictures of your employees! @ccchapman
  • 16% of searches on google each week have never been seen before. – Sam Sebastian @google
  • Be authentic, real and human. The worst thing a small company can do is try to look big. Big companies, like Coke, are trying to humanize themselves and look small. @copyblogger
  • The Internet and the power of social media have brought relationships to companies. Too many companies are just creating static and noise on social media channels and not creating or owning those direct relationships.  @mitchjoel
  • What is unique about you? What is your story, why do you do what you do? Figure this out and how to tell your story through content. @ccchapman
  • Specialize in a niche and create excellent content, and you can compete with the biggest brands in the world. – Sam Sebastian @google

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