3 Reasons to Start a Content Marketing Strategy with a Content Audit

Dechay Watts

Written by Dechay Watts on Fri, Aug 17, 2012

content auditA content audit is the numero uno, very first step that any business should take before writing a single web page or thinking about titles for a blog post.  You wouldn’t invest money in a company without evaluating its assets, resources or operations first.  So, don’t invest time and resources in a content marketing strategy without an assessment of your current content assets, done in-house or by a content marketing agency. Who knows, there might be a content treasure just waiting to spread its wings. Here are three ways a content audit sets the foundation for your content strategy:

1. Shows if your messaging is still on track

A thorough analysis of current marketing content (website, collaterals, social media, etc.) will gauge the effectiveness and consistency of your message and voice.  During this qualitative audit, you want to make sure content assets e-books, downloads and even the services page of your website are still relevant. If they aren’t, make a note of that too.  Necessary updates can become part of your content marketing strategy.

  • Ensure your story is up to date. Are your company’s recent milestones, news, awards, or services reflected everywhere you’re telling your story?

  • Evaluate your blog. Are you still on track with your blog schedule, keeping it updated with timely and relevant posts?

  • Check out your social media profiles.  It’s easy to set up a company account with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+…the list goes on.  If someone tracks down your company in social media, will they be getting the most updated information?

2. Helps you assess your competitive landscape

Part of the audit is to evaluate how your content is helping you reach marketing and business goals. If generating leads from your website is a goal, it’s important to look at where you rank against competitors in search engines.  Also look at how people in your industry are using content and how your target market is engaging with content.  There might be a great opportunity for you to add new tactics like a blog, lead-generating download, or e-newsletter to your content marketing strategy.

  • Review your keywords. Are you using the best keywords possible? New opportunities continually emerge for keyword phrases that might give a boost to your content.

3. Sets a standard to measure against

The purpose of an audit is to review the accuracy and effectiveness of your content before revising or jumping into a new content marketing strategy.  It provides baseline data so your strategy is built around tangible goals and effective tactics.  Just as you clean out your closet once a year, doing a content audit yearly is essential too.  

Let us know if you’d like a free website evaluation as a first step in your content audit.

See how a website audit is like content couture.

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