Content Marketing Gives Businesses Freedom and Independence

Debbie Williams

Written by Debbie Williams on Thu, Jul 05, 2012

freedomcontentmarketingWith visions of fireworks still bursting in our heads, we started thinking about the freedom and independence that content marketing really gives to businesses. In the past, even just 5 years ago, many businesses still relied on traditional marketing, PR and advertising to get their message out. They invested in pricey advertising and relied on press releases to spark interest with journalists. This was all done with the hope of reaching their target audience. These limited approaches made businesses heavily dependent on media buyers, publications and TV channels as a connection to their audience.

Today, content marketing has freed businesses from the confines of these traditional tactics. While we’re not entirely negating the effectiveness of traditional marketing for certain types of businesses, content marketing tactics such as blogs, microsites, social media content, ebooks, white papers, branded magazines and other custom content have put the power in the hands of businesses.

Here are three ways that content marketing helps businesses let freedom ring:

1.      Control

Companies are no longer at the mercy of print and broadcast schedules to release their message to the world.  Blogs, email and social media channels allow businesses to send out up-to-the-minute information to their audience, whenever they see fit. Businesses can personally respond, in real-time, to breaking news, customer questions and public comments.

2.      Autonomy

Because all companies now have the freedom to to be publishers, they can be self-reliant and self-efficient as their own creators and distributors of information.  They no longer have to rely on the media to speak for them, after the fact or out of context.

3.      Equality

Content Marketing levels the playing field in industries and allows small businesses and global giants to equally create content and show their expertise. It’s no longer true that the brand with the most money wins. Some very small companies are playing and winning using content marketing where they had to buy customer attention before.

As a content marketing agency we’re proud to help educate businesses about the independence that content marketing offers and help them be free from the confines of traditional advertising and marketing.  What ways do you think content marketing helps declare liberty and justice for all?

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