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Dechay Watts

Written by Dechay Watts on Mon, Jun 25, 2012

Content MarketingWe are honored to be included in a recent article about Content Marketing from Fulya Çimen Hakkında, a Turkish Journalist who works with SMCO, which is similar to the U.S. version of Mashable.  Rand Fishkin, CEO of SEOmoz and Michele Linn from CMI are also part of the discussion.  Out of curiosity, we asked a friend to translate our portion to see how the English to Turkish to English content came through.  You’ll notice some of idiosyncrasies in the translation – which makes the experiment fun.  Here is the translated portion of the Q & A featuring SPROUT Content:

“Content marketing is to create honest stories and tell them to excite the target audience to ensure their participation.

The magic of the content marketing comes from expansion of the playing field. All of a sudden, small companies with a good knowledge of the field and with its own loyal customer base, can easily compete alongside with the big companies. Because of internet, now every company has a chance to send information directly to the target audience. Fast, efficient, and direct.

If we are going to discuss the rule of content in online success, we first need to define what we mean by online success. For example, if we define online success as higher visitor to your website, then the content here becomes SEO web content. Such as writing blogs etc. using some search keys. However, if the online success is attracting more fans to your Facebook profile or to extent your e-newsletter list, then the content is to provide interesting information that will attract people’s attention. In this way, when people need a product that is similar to yours, people will remember your brand and will come back to you as they need it.  It is also very important to know what your ultimate goals when preparing the content. First determine the content strategy, and then start advertising your product.

The most important thing is the content inside

Whatever we are talking about; Video, blogging, webinar, social media, or printed journals, the most important thing is what is inside them. The knowledge inside is something that attracts people and makes them come back again. For example, take your favorite magazine. Imagine that all the pages are blank. Imagine the same thing for your favorite blogs. The content is the basis for all the communication and information sharing.

New content marketing trends

In fact, the info-graphics are still popular. Also there are some discussions among the content marketers about “What should be the most effective use of Pinterest?”. I think everyone is still quite undecided. Widespread use of mobile technologies is now changing the rules of the game. What is important is to ensure people's participation and create content to attract their attention.”

Here is the original article.

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