8 Content Marketing Messages from the LOHAS Forum (#LOHAS2012)

Dechay Watts

Written by Dechay Watts on Fri, Jun 22, 2012

NovaWhere better to attend a LOHAS Forum than Boulder, CO?  Sessions starting with yoga and morning meditation made sense for a conference nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  The event was chalk full of amazing entrepreneurs incorporating their dedication to sustainability into successful business models.  From ethically sourced chocolate to eco-friendly paint and innovative horse ranches, the people and ideas ran the gamut.  Plus, it was super exciting to hear content marketing fundamentals spoken throughout the LOHAS community.  Here are 8 key quotes that tie into why content marketing works for LOHAS businesses:

  1. "It takes someone to have a message…and it takes someone to listen to the message." – Dr. John Francis, Planet Walker
  2. "Words are transformative and can change the way you think. Your words can change the world.  If you can learn a phrase, you can change an industry (i.e., the words describing eggs have moved from Cage Free to Free Range to Pasture Raised)."  -  Douglas Gayeton, Lexicon of Sustainability
  3. "Planet earth has grown a nervous system with social media." – Barbara Maxx, Foundation for Conscious Evolution
  4. "Everyone has a voice. Manifesting change starts with identifying and using your voice." – Shannon Galpin, Mountain2Mountain (@Mtn2Mtn)
  5. "Simple messages are really important." –Getting Behind the Brand
  6. "Access to information has leveled the playing field for all humanity." – Gopi Kallay (@yogaps)
  7. "If you aren’t getting a message across, you’re saying one thing and feeling another." – Jonathan Ellerby, TAO Inspired Living (@JonathanEllerby)
  8. "Be interesting to your audience." – James Clark, Room 214 (@room_214)

Did you attend LOHAS 2012?  What nuggets of insight did you take away?

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